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6 Month Smile in London

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Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi

Although contemporary orthodontic treatments (Damon, Clarity and Lingual braces) usually take twelve to eighteen months for the final result, more recently there have been promises on a faster result in 6-months. This treatment involves a series of aligners that contain metal to aid teeth alignment. Although these are described as “non-brace” treatment option offers the promise of a very rapid result they are only suitable for a proportion of cases. The treatment is offered by general dentists and with heavy marketing budgets. There is a higher case of relapse of the teeth back to their original position and general dentists are not able to offer the alternative brace options such as Lingual, Clarity and Damon braces. Dr Kyi is frequently asked to review cases that have left patients with relapse after treatment. Owing to Dr Kyi’s expertise she has been asked to advise whether these treatment options are suitable for patients. At West London Centre of Orthodontics, we are able to offer a complete range of treatment options based on your individual needs. We have a large number of professionals including entertainment, media and professional fields, who do not wish people to know they are undergoing brace treatment. Where Invisalign and similar cosmetic brace options are not sufficient, lingual braces remain the treatment of choice as the only truly invisible brace. Many general practitioners are unable to offer lingual brace treatment as it is technically demanding and requires specialist orthodontic training. Dr Kyi has won numerous awards during her career including numerous distinctions in dental and orthodontic qualifications, and the nomination for best orthodontist by her peers.

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  • “I’ve been Dr Kyi’s patient for about 2 years wearing Invisalign braces. I only wanted braces that people will not notice, and have to say that Invisalign absolutely achieved my expectations. It is incredible difference between ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures and my teeth look just perfect! I am so pleased with the results and my new smile ? I would definitely recommend Dr Kyi to anyone who is looking for a professional orthodontist, who understands your expectations and provide brilliant service with excellent results.”

  • “The team at welcome orthodontics have far surpassed any expectations I originally had. They are incredibly professional and friendly. Dr. Chaw Su Kyi and her team helped me make an informed decision about which type of treatment I wanted to go forward with and never once did I feel pressured. Outstanding service!”

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