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Are Damon self-ligating braces siutable for children?

Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi on February 10, 2010

I would like to get the Damon self-ligating braces for my son. The quicker alignment of the teeth and having to make fewer office visits is what appeals to me. Is this kind of brace suitable for children?

Damon braces are very suitable braces for orthodontic treatment for everyone, both children and adults. And if you are after possibly slightly shorter treatment time and fewer appointments to the practice, then Damon braces are a good option for your son’s brace treatment. Damon braces allow us to achieve this by the technology of the brackets. You no longer need the coloured bands or modules to hold the wire in place, instead the wire is held by the self-ligating Damon bracket. The benefits for your son are that the wire is able to move freely right from the outset and requires less frequent activation or ‘tightening’ of the braces. And so the appealing prospect of fewer office visits will happen if you choose to have your son’s orthodontic treatment with Damon self-ligating braces.

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