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At what age do you suggest a child get braces?

Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi on February 9, 2010

At what age do you suggest a child get braces? My daughter has buck teeth and will definitely need them. She is eleven years old. Is it too early for a consultation?

We like to assess children from around 10years of age to review their dental development, so your daughter is at the right age for an orthodontic assessment. Sometimes we see children a little earlier if their dentist is concerned with the eruption of the teeth or the bite.

At the orthodontic consultation, we will start off by assessing the facial profile and soft tissues. In some patients, the lower jaw may be little bit set-back and would benefit from a brace called a functional brace which corrects the bite very well if fitted at the right age. It may be that with your daughter’s bite- although the upper teeth appear too far forward, it may be because the lower teeth are set back and would benefit from a functional brace.

We would then take a look inside and assess the teeth and how they have erupted – for example if there is any crowding or crookedness. We would take any necessary dental x-rays and be able to discuss an orthodontic treatment plan for your daughter.

So my advice would be, is to arrange a consultation with an orthodontist as soon as it’s convenient for you both, to allow an orthodontic assessment of your daughter’s dental development.

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