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Botox injected into my forehead last month

Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi on January 26, 2011

I had Botox injected into my forehead last month. I love the results so I'd like to start having injections for my crow's feet as well. Even though the injection will be in a different area, is it safe to have Botox this close to my last injection?

Botox treatments are often used to the forehead, crows feet and under the eyes at the same time, it maximizes the effect, and when given frequently reduces the wrinkles on the face very effectively. The increased dose is very small and not significant to cause side effects. The most common side effect from Botox are related to focal redness and occasional bruising at the sites of Botox treatment. Other side effects such as a droopy eyelid or double vision can be avoided with careful injections to avoid specific areas of the face. Overall patients really like the treatments and many patients come for repeat treatments for many years.

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