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WeLCOMe can give you that Celebrity Smile

Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi

WeLCOMe can give you that Celebrity Smile

Many celebrities have undergone orthodontic treatment to correct their smiles.

Tom Cruise had brace treatment as a 39-year old, after discovering his teeth were out of alignment whilst taking his children to the orthodontist. He had ceramic braces, further information on these braces….

Nicolas Cage had braces fitted to straighten his lower teeth and said: “I’m in between movies right now and I want to get them”. He had fixed braces, the classic type for those people happy about knowing, further information on these braces….

Dakota Fanning wore braces and headgear. She says wearing her headgear isn’t bad at all. “It’s pulling my top teeth out and it hooks to hooks that are glued on my teeth. The more I wear it, the sooner I get my braces off”

One of the most popular options is the one that people can’t see – invisalign or braces that are hidden on the inside of the mouth, further information on these braces….

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