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Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi

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How To Get A Beautiful Smile

It isn’t hard to believe that people often judge others by their first appearance. This is why your facial expression plays a pivotal role in transcribing your character and creating a first impression. To enhance your facial expression and improve first impressions, you may need a healthy beautiful smile. A beautiful smile is what everyone wants, and because of advanced, modern treatments today, you can have a beautiful smile you too. Treatments like dental fillings, crowns, dental implants, tooth whitening, root canal procedure, porcelain laminates, veneers, cosmetic dental bonding, and Invisalign braces are long term solutions for you to have a confident and beautiful smile. Oh, a healthy beautiful smile can also help you look more youthful!

If you are interested in cosmetic treatments for your teeth and live in New York, you can visit Dr. Phillip S Frank, with at practice in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Dr. Frank is a well renowned cosmetic dentist, having treated hundreds of patients, with his innovative and advanced technologies, involving restorative & cosmetic dentistry treatment programs. Dr. Frank is a board certified cosmetic dentist who strives hard to treat his patients with procedures like cosmetic bonding, porcelain laminates, root canal treatment and many more. If you are looking for a reliable and well-accredited cosmetic dentist in Los Angeles, Dr. Neda Naim, D.D.S is the best choice. Boasted with years of experience and equipped with the cutting-edge technologies, Dr. Naim has a proven record of accomplishment in helping you have a pretty, confident smile, performing treatments like porcelain veneers, and full mouth reconstructive surgery. Dr. Naim provides a comprehensive cosmetic dentistry treatment program to the patients. “In our office we believe everyone deserves to have a healthy, beautiful smile. My staff and I have great pride in providing our patients withquality dental care, in the most comfortable environment. We offer an individual approach, taking into consideration each patient’s specific needs and esthetic goals, providing the most advanced treatment plan options.” – Dr. Neda Naim, D.D.S.

Riverside-Dental boasts of well-accredited doctors like Dr. Michael D Spencer, D.D.S, Dr. Andy Maples, Dr. Brian Young, who have a proven track-record of treating complicated cases and bringing you that pretty smile you die to have. Dr. Spencer is a board certified dentist, and a well reputed to treat complicated issues like TM disorders, and gum problems. “I love what I do and am honored to serve the dental needs of our patients.” – Dr. Michael D Spencer.

If you are a resident of Los Angeles, suffering from crooked and unsightly teeth, and want an Invasalign treatment, then Dr. Atoosa Nikaeen, D.D.S, at Los Angeles, can help you! Dr. Nikaeen is a well-accredited orthodontist, specializing in Invasalign process, having years of experience and a board-certified, well-recognized Invasalign surgeon having won several accolades for her efficacious treatments. She implied an innovative technology ‘ClinCheck’ to design out the best invisible braces for you, after a careful observation. The precise results from the innovative 3D method, ClinCheck, has made Dr. Nikaeen’s invisalign treatment all the rage among her patients. Every braces are custom designed to suit your specific needs. Another well renowned orthodontist is a cosmetic dentist from New York who can help you have a beautiful smile, through the Invisalign process and other advanced cosmetic dentistry treatments. Drs. Davidowitz has a Manhattan based practice, Luxury Cosmetic Dentistry NYC, which provides comprehensive cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign treatments, customized to suit your individual needs!

If you want to attain professional and expertise teeth whitening results from the comfort of your very own home, products from Bleach Pro can help you with professional level results. Bleach Pro offers a comprehensive teeth whitening kit accessories to help you have a brilliant and radiant smile on your face, without the need to visit a cosmetic dentistry clinic. Whitening kits to whitening gel syringes, a wide variety of products are available to eliminate all your teeth problems and help you get a beautiful smile.

If you are looking for a reliable and advanced Periodontics, dental implants and microsurgery, Dr. Raschkovsky, D.D.S, M.S is the ultimate choice you must look for. Located in Beverly Hills, CA and with years of experience being a board-certified doctor, Dr. Raschkovsky performs comprehensive dental treatments like Periodontics, gingival gum crafting, bone regeneration, crown lengthening and many more. Dr. Raschkovsky performs his treatments with minimally invasive surgeries, and restricts the surgery to the specific target parts.

Tips To Keep the Mind & Body Fit

Keeping your body fit and slim is the best way to lead a happy, healthy life. Individuals with a healthy, fit body tend to have a much joyous and happy life. The fast pace lifestyle these days seldom provides everyone a chance to stay satisfied with their body and prevents many from living a healthy lifestyle. This is why it is important to keep our body fit and our mind fit. There are several ways to make the body feel better through spas, exercising, massages, treating sinuses, hair lofting and many more. The aforementioned activities, not only helps to make the body feel better and lighter, but also rejuvenates our body and its energy. Apart from this, activities like massage, visiting spas, exercises can also help us stay healthy and prevent diseases and illnesses. It can also revitalize energy and makes us feel more youthful and dynamic.

If you live in Florida and are looking for the best spa, consider Anushka Spa. Located at the City Place, West Palm Beach, Florida, Anushka Spa boasts of the most advanced spa solutions for you to avail. Anushka spa offers a comprehensive spa and beauty solutions like Botox, nails, salon, cellulite, cosmedical treatments. The innovative ‘Labarre’ method, which is an incorporation of ballet, pilates, yoga, helps you to tone your body and keeping it in a great shape. Highly trained and well-accredited staff will make you feel comfortable and simultaneously keep the body fit. You may also opt for another expertise and specialized spa in New York to tone up your body and keep it fit, known as the Thai New York Spa & Salon, which is located in Astoria, NYC. Boasted of expertise staff, Thai New York Spa & Salon offers a wide range of spa treatments, with their signature treatment, which is a 100% authentic Thai spa massage. Some of the most popular treatments offered here are Swedish massages, waxing, Brazilian keratin hair strengthening, facial, manicures and many more.

New Yorkers seeking for the most reliable and well-accredited chronic pain specialist can visit Dr. Josh Wagner. At ‘The Back and Neck Relief Center Manhattan’, Dr. Wagner constantly strives hard to offer the most advanced treatment to help you get rid of your back and neck pain. Dr. Wagner is a well-accredited chiropractic specialist, who treats with the innovative method of Torque release technique that reduces your back pain, neck pain, sleeping disorders, headaches. This technique helps in restoring the correct alignment of the spinal cord, which releases the pain entirely. “Doctors don’t heal; yet assist in creating an environment where the body can heal itself.”– Dr. Josh Wagner. People in New York can also visit Dr. Charles P Kimmelman, M.D, F.A.C.S, who is an experienced and well renowned otolaryngologist in New York. Dr. Kimmelman, is a sinus expert and ENT doctor, who expertise in curing sinus related problems and help your body to feel better than ever. Dr. Kimmelman is a board-certified ENT and sinus expert, having won several accolades for his amazing track-record. He performs minimally invasive surgery known as Balloon Sinuplasty, along with a comprehensive sinus care program.

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