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Do most children have difficulty adapting to their braces?

Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi on February 8, 2010

Do most children have difficulty adapting to their braces? My son plays with his all of the time. He has had them on for about ten days now and I always have to tell him to stop touching them. I am afraid that he will ruin them. Do you have any suggestions?

However, you must try and ask your son to stop as there is a big risk that he will keep ‘picking’ at the braces and they will break off. If the brackets or a wire on the fixed brace breaks off, it may delay your son’s orthodontic treatment. Until you are able to see your orthodontist to repair the breakage, no tooth movement or treatment progress will occur until the brace has been fixed. Often, by letting your son know that his treatment time may be longer is a good incentive to stop playing with them.

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