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How do you address teeth that are overcrowded?

Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi on October 17, 2011

How do you address teeth that are overcrowded? Do teeth need to be pulled or can braces straighten them out?

Braces will certainly straighten them out, but whether teeth need removing is very dependent on the severity of the crowding. To straighten teeth, overcrowded or crooked teeth, we need space in which to straighten them. In mild cases, only a small amount of space is needed, and we can find this small amount of space already in the mouth. The braces would then move the teeth into their correct positions.

In slightly more crowded cases, we may need to create a more space in the mouth which can be done by a procedure called interproximal reduction. This does not involve tooth removal, but is gently filing the teeth.

Only in the more severely crowded cases, we need to remove teeth. Damon braces are a brace system called self-ligating braces. The way Damon braces work can sometimes mean that teeth may not need to be removed as Damon braces allow teeth to move more freely. The decision to remove teeth or not can only is assessed after your orthodontic consultation with a specialist orthodontist. A specialist orthodontist is highly trained and competent to make these decisions and carry out a comprehensive assessment.

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