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How much pain is there during this fitting?

Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi on February 6, 2010

My son will be coming in to get his braces fitted. He is quite worried about it. How much pain is there during this fitting? How do children describe the pain of braces as their teeth start to shift? Is it excruciating?What medication can a child take for this pain?

Please let your son know, there really is nothing to be worried about having the braces fitted. First of all, the teeth are gently cleaned, similar to brushing your teeth. After this, a clear varnish is painted on the teeth, the same as painting your fingernails. Then the bracket is placed onto the tooth surface and a light is shone onto the tooth to set the glue on the bracket. After all the brackets have been placed, a wire is inserted, and the fun bit of choosing your colours – you can choose the colour you want for the modules or little coloured bands.

The teeth start to move within a few days and you feel a dull ache, but mild painkillers will relieve the pain. Getting used to the fixed braces is just like getting used to a new pair of shoes, initially they will feel  tight and slightly uncomfortable but once you start walking in them – they become your most comfortable favourite shoes.

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