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I have many age spots on my forehead and cheeks

Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi on January 8, 2011

I have many age spots on my forehead and cheeks. Otherwise I don't look too bad for a 76-year-old grandpa. I would like to reduce the appearance of these pigmented spots. Can a chemical peel do this and what would the recovery time be?

Ageing spots are very common in the skin and often occur as a result of previous wear and tear changes including damage from the sun. A chemical peel can be very effective on removing ageing spots and freshening up ones experience. On occasion marks in the scene can be something else such as a skin cancer, and your skin should be seen by a clinical specialist to ensure there is no sinister cause. Generally the recovery time for the peel is related to the depth of the peel which is determined by the type of peel. Recovery time for superficial periods may be a few days with only mild peeling that has no downtime. Deep peels that are more effective result in more down time that are tailored to the patients needs. Sometimes a compromise can be made between the two with a course of more superficial peels over a period of weeks, this had greater effect coupled with minimal downtime.

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