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I want the strongest physician strength peel. How long will my face be red afterwards?

Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi on January 15, 2011

I want the strongest physician strength peel that would be suitable for my skin type. I am Irish and right now have a face loaded with freckles. I am 37 years old and want to have smoother skin. What type of peel would you recommend for me? How long will my face be red afterwards?

Fair colored skin is very suitable for peels, however the dept of the peel should be tailored to individuals needs and lifestyle. Although a deep peel will have greater effect in rejuvenating the skin, it is associated with more peeling of the skin and downtime after the peel. The deeper the peel the more red the face will be in the recovery period, for a deep peel one to two weeks is possible. In addition the effect of the peel is affected by sun exposure after the event, a deep peel would not be recommended in the summer months by a person who has a outdoor lifestyle. Sometimes a course of more moderate or superficial peels is an attractive alternative, this enable a more effective peel while giving the skin time to recover and reducing post peel changes such as redness and peeling

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