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I was watching TV and saw Kim Kardashian right after getting a Botox injection

Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi on February 21, 2011

Two weeks ago I was watching TV and saw Kim Kardashian right after getting a Botox injection. Her eye was completely swollen as she was having a severe allergic reaction. She also started turning black and blue! Is this type of reaction common?

Botox injections have been used in the hospital for medical indications for over 20 years. It is true that allergy can occur to some of the ingredients the Botox particularly the preservatives, Most allergies are relatively mild reactions and redness. Marked allergic reactions are very rare and is possible with any medical treatment. Sometimes there can be some redness immediately after botox injections, bruising occurs occasionally, marked bruising would be very unusual. There is likely to be an underlying cause such as the use of anticoagulant treatments or an underlying bleeding disorder. Botox is generally very effective at reducing the appearance of dynamic wrinkles and without problems and the majority of patients return for further treatments after four to six months. Both allergy and bruising are rare and precautions including non-allergic botox and a very fine needle can be used to reduce the risk of these occurring further.

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