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Invisalign i7

Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi

Invisalign i7 - The has been a new lower cost product released from invisalign. The product is Invisalign i7, which is treatment for mind cases, treatment which can be caried out wthin 3-6 months.

‘I had braces when I was a kid, maybe I should have worn my retainers better! My teeth have definitely moved back.’ This is a common reason for a number of our new patients contacting us. The teeth have moved over time. They wish to have perfect straight teeth again, but do not wish to wear fixed braces again.

Is it possible to get them straight again and achieve this in less than 16 weeks? We now have a great solution for mild cases. Before the options included having a short course of visible fixed braces like 6-Month smiles, or a removable brace like an Inman aligner.

Now we can offer i7. It’s Invisalign treatment, wearing aligners for just over 3 months. The same fantastic benefits of Invisalign – being virtually invisible, removable therefore no changes with eating or brushing habits. But still having the control over the teeth to produce predictable results. i7 is not just for relapse cases, but for any patient who may have mild crowding of the teeth.

Dr Kyi will be able to carry out a comprehensive orthodontic assessment to see if you are suitable for i7 Invisalign treatment. From her specialist experience, she will be able to provide the most suitable treatment to achieve your beautiful healthy smile.

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