Get a straighter, more perfect smile with London’s Invisalign expert.

Ready to straighten your teeth, close the gaps, and realise your ideal smile? Whether you have a more complex complaint or just a small imperfection, there is an Invisalign treatment for you!


I would like to recommend Dr. Chaw Su Kyi and the efficient, professional, warm and outstanding Welcome Orthodontics team, to anyone needing an excellent orthodontic treatment. I received all the support possible from Dr. Chaw and her team since day one.

~ Patric

Invisalign treatments

There are four different types of Invisalign treatments

Invisalign Full, for all case types.

The original “invisible braces”, Invisalign Full is the most popular and effect way straighten teeth. Invisalign Full can address a wide range of concerns, making it an excellent choice for many individuals. During a treatment, the patient wears a series of clear aligners (molds), which gently guide the teeth to a straighter position. Each set of aligners progressively corrects the bite and crooked teeth. The average treatment time for Invisalign Full is between 12 to 18 months.

Invisalign Lite, for simple to moderate cases.

Some individuals often only need slight orthodontic work to achieve a picture-perfect smile. Excellent for mild to moderate cases, Invisalign Lite can improve small gaps, positioning, and other alignment problems in a shorter amount of time than Invisalign Full. Individuals whose teeth have moved from a previous orthodontic treatment are also great candidates. A treatment typically can be completed in about 7 months.

Invisalign i7, for mild cases.

If you have mildly crooked teeth, Invisalign i7 may be an excellent option for you. Developed for the the least complicated issues, this treatment best for those who require minor tooth movement and correction. Invisalign i7 consists of seven sets of aligners. With treatment times as short as 3 months, Invisalign i7 can deliver fast and amazing results.

Teen Invisalign, designed with teenagers in mind.

For younger patients, traditional orthodontic treatment can affect self-confidence. Teen Invisalign can give the benefits of metal braces, without the restrictions and aesthetic concerns. Comfortable and easy to maintain, Teen Invisalign can treat an overbite, overcrowding, and other dental issue. To ensure that the aligners are being worn as directed, Invisalign Teen has small blue dots on each aligner that fade after about two weeks of wear. This feature is an easy way to see that the orthodontic correction is on track. The innovative design of Invisalign Teen allows for treatment to be started, even when adult teeth are not fully in place.

The comfortable and affordable choice for beautiful teeth.

Invisalign is an widely-used alternative to traditional orthodontic work. Convenient and easy to wear, Invisalign can be a cost effective and aesthetically-pleasing solution for patients who want to improve their smile.


What can I say – I was physically jumping for joy in the surgery after the braces were removed. My teeth are perfect, stunning, straight -and the 18 months treatment have just flown by. Dr. Kyi and her team are welcoming ( as the name of the surgery suggests), answering all questions – no matter how trivial they seem, alleviating fears and worries. Truly Dr Kyi is at the top of her profession and I have not hesitated to recommend Welcome Orthodontics to people who are considering getting braces, in terms of the service, support and cost.

~ Lynsey

Brilliant experience!
I have to start saying that I was terrified of putting braces at the age of 24.. During my first consultation Dr Kyi was very informative and encouraging, so after a few weeks I actually decided to go for the ‘treatment’. Best decision of my life, after a year I have the perfect smile!

~ Federica