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I’ve been taking good care of my teeth since I was ten years old

Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi on October 5, 2010

I've been taking good care of my teeth since I was ten years old but I always hear the same thing from my dentists: "Clean, but crooked." I can't change that with my toothbrush, but I have been wondering if removable braces might be an option for somebody that wants to do some 'housekeeping.' What do you think?

It’s great to hear that you are ‘clean’ even if crooked. Often having crooked teeth may make it a bit more difficult to clean the teeth as food and plaque can often get trapped. It depends on the degree of crookedness which is present to see if you are suitable for removable braces. Invisalign is a type of removable brace and works really well to straighten crooked teeth, but often works best in the milder cases. If the teeth are severely crooked, you may need fixed braces and possibly some space may need to be provided. Invisalign works by moving the teeth in small incremental amounts every time you change your aligner. The Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible braces and provide good aesthetics. You can remove Invisalign aligners for eating and toothbrushing. Another option for invisible braces are lingual braces. Lingual braces are fixed braces which are fitted on the inside surfaces of your teeth and you cannot see these braces, they are as close as you will get to having invisible braces. But these work like normal fixed braces and achieve very similar results as you would get with fixed braces like ceramic braces. There are many brace options available for adults with Invisalign offering a removable option and lingual braces offering virtually invisible braces. So, hopefully you will find a brace treatment option that will be suitable for you and your dentist will be saying ‘clean and straight!’ from now on!

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