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Our Philosophy

Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi

A total focus on the delivery of high quality specialist care

Your orthodontic consultation will only be carried out by Dr.Kyi; a specialist orthodontist who has undergone extensive and specialized post-graduate training, which enables her to provide professional and proficient treatment for her patients. Dr Kyi is a highly experienced specialist devoting her time to only working in her field of specialist orthodontic training.

Many patients feel more comfortable knowing that their orthodontist is not only uniquely trained in the sub-speciality of orthodontics but also very knowledgeable about the teeth and smile.

A sense of aesthetics honed by years of experience

We appreciate that a beautiful smile means much more than just straight teeth. Whether a problem is routine or extremely complex, we analyze every case in detail and do not perform ‘stock’ treatments. We are known for achieving natural-appearing results that stress elegance over glamour.

A strong patient education program

We devote a great deal of effort educating our patients, both before and during their consultations and before and after any procedure. From patient feedback, we have developed educational videos which show a number of orthodontic procedures. We believe the fundamental importance is excellent oral hygiene and establishing this at a young age. To support this, we have developed oral health education seminars, which we have provided to the local primary schools for over the past six years.

A collaborative effort

You care will be provided by a team of highly trained individuals.

The service we offer requires a certain type of provider, someone attuned to the finest details, thorough yet gentle. An orthodontist alone cannot provide your total care. We are proud of our staff of uniquely skilled individuals, people who are not only intelligent and observant but courteous and helpful.

A pleasant environment

Our practice is less like a clinic and more like a boutique. We cater to one patient at a time in a relaxed setting. While you are with us, our attention is devoted entirely to you. Our consultations are detailed, highly individualized, unhurried, and honest.

No pressure to do more

While we compete on the basis of quality rather than price, we control your fees by avoiding unnecessary complexity and not trying to “sell” you on added procedures you don’t want or may not even need.

We use only the best

From orthodontic supplies to techniques, we don’t cut corners.

We aim to please

Once we help our patients, our investment is your lifelong smile. So where do our new patients come from? From all across South-East England, some travelling a distance of an 80-mile round-trip. Why do they come to us when they can more conveniently go elsewhere? Because of our reputation with other dentists and former patients for treating our clientele with respect and providing thoughtful high-quality care.

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