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My daughter just got her braces

Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi on February 5, 2010

My daughter just got her braces. She is interested in attending an overnight camp. Is there any reason not to let her go to camp for a week because of the braces?

Definitely let her go to camp, orthodontic treatment must not interfere with the important things in life! Even straight after fitting fixed braces, you can go back to work or school. When the fixed braces are fitted, everything is ‘set’ i.e. the glue on back of each bracket sets straight away. The most important aspect is the aftercare – your daughter must follow the diet advice and oral hygiene instructions that have been given. As long as these are followed, then there is no problem whether she is away on camp or at home. She may be in mild discomfort for the first few days after fitting the fixed braces, but a mild painkiller will help resolve this. Remember to pack some wax in her overnight bag. Mainly during the first week, the brackets and wire ends of the fixed braces may rub the inside of her cheeks while they are getting used to them. Placing a ball of softened wax over the area will help the soft tissues and make it feel more comfortable. Hope she has a great time away!

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