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My daughter needs braces but she is very

Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi on January 15, 2010

My daughter needs braces but she is very, very opposed to getting them. Do you have any tips or pointers for getting around this?

We need to see the reasons why your daughter is opposed, whether it’s the appearance or concerned about discomfort. If it’s appearance there are so many different cosmetic options available. The discomfort with braces is similar to getting used to a new pair of shoes, initially they feel slightly uncomfortable, but after a few days wearing them in, they are absolutely fine. But is very important that your daughter is 100% committed to wanting to have brace treatment before starting the treatment to ensure it will be successful.

Q I really don’t want to get a facelift yet. I am 52 years old. But I do have some areas of concern on my face and I would like a non-surgical alternative to repair them. For example, my cheeks have hollowed out somehow and there is sagging of skin down at the jaw, possibly even jowls. Are there injectable fillers that can be used to treat these areas until I chose to get a facelift?

Many clients with natural ageing have some drooping of the cheeck and hollowing that can be corrected by non-surgical means. Some fillers can be used to correct the loss of volume that occurs with ageing and restoring the natural shape of a more youthful look. The advantages of fillers is they can be used in stages and if necessary further amendments can be made at a later stage with relative ease, unlike surgery which is more difficult to correct. Jowls is used to describe dropping of the lower part of the face over the natural jaw line, these are more difficult to treat with non-surgical means. Fillers can sometimes be used to soften these changes along the jaw line however the effectiveness is determined by the extent and shape of the jaw and neck.

Q I have serious age spots all over my face. Otherwise I don’t look too bad for a 68 year old grandmother. I would like to try a chemical peel.  What is the recovery time for both the weakest and the strongest peel that you have? Are there any complications associated with chemical peels?

Chemical peels are a relatively straightforward way of rejuvinating the skin surface and bringer a fresher and more appealing appearance to the skin. Peels have been used for many hundreds of years, although the type and depth of the peels are important considerations depending on your skin type and previous sun exposure. Different depths of peels will have differing effects depending on the effect you would like and the relative down-time you are will ing to expect. The other consideration if you are planning a holiday or visit to a place with high amounts of sunshine, as sun protection of the peel are really important. If you are considering a peel for a special occasion such as a birthday or wedding then it is worth considering been seen by an expert well in advance as sometimes the most effective option for you can be a series of peels over a period of weeks.

Q I am male, 44 years old and have quite pronounced crease lines that run from my nose to the corners of my mouth. I would like these creases filled in. What is the most common facial filler for this problem? How many injections are usually required?

Crease lines that run from the nose to the corners of your mouth are very common. These often come on over a long period of time and result from a gradual thinning of the skin tissues and natural drooping of the remaining soft tissues of the cheek. Fillers are an effective way of gently reducing these lines while maintaining a natural look. We ususally take one or two treatments to give the best result, all our clients are reviewed after 1 week, and on occasion a small top up is provided to give the best result, which is all part of our service.

The effect with most filles lasts for a minimum of 4-6 months and often longer that this. On occasion we will use longer-term fillers including a natural filler which has longer results. We take care not over fill lines as although this can be achieved with a single treatment may lead to an unatural look. From our experience fillers are a very effective way of softening these ageing lines and clients report very high satisfaction rates.

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