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My daughter was told she needed a tooth extracted before getting braces

Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi on February 7, 2010

My daughter was told she needed a tooth extracted before getting braces. I see on your website that you offer Damon braces. Is it possible that with the Damon braces she might not need the extraction? How does the cost of Damon braces compare with the cost of conventional braces?

It is quite common to have teeth removed before brace treatment to provide space to allow the teeth to be straightened. In some milder cases, with Damon braces we are able to start treatment without taking any teeth out.

The main distinction of Damon braces are we no longer need to place little coloured bands or modules around the brackets unlike conventional braces. The wire is held in by the Damon self-ligating bracket and is very free to move right from the outset. What this means for your daughter is that there is less force resistance by the Damon brace and the amount of tooth movement that can be produced is greater than a conventional fixed brace.  It may be possible that your daughter’s teeth can be started with Damon braces without any tooth removal.

We must arrange a consultation to assess your daughter’s teeth and bite. For children, the treatment fee for Damon braces is usually about £600 more than the fee for conventional braces. And one of the biggest advantages of Damon braces is less time off school for your daughter as the appointment intervals are usually every 8-10 weeks rather than every 4-6weeks. Not all children but definitely all parents like these appointment intervals. But everyone likes the fact that having brace treatment with Damon braces you may possibly have a shorter treatment time.

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