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My dentist told me about lingual braces. How do they work?

Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi on October 4, 2010

I told my dentist that I wanted to look into the option of getting braces, but don’t relish the thought of having a mouth full of steel-studded teeth. My dentist told me about lingual braces. How do they work?

Lingual braces are the ultimate braces! They are invisible, no one will see you are wearing them as the whole brace is fitted on the inner surfaces of the teeth. And with Incognito lingual braces – the brace will only fit you – it is custom made for your teeth. They work exactly the same way as normal fixed braces which are fitted on the outside. You have the same set-up, with a bracket attached to each tooth and a wire which is held in place by small elastic modules. We are able to move your teeth the same way as conventional fixed braces and can treat the majority of cases with lingual braces. You attend for your brace adjustment visits every 4-6 weeks in the same way. Often these appointments may be scheduled for a half an hour appointment rather than 15 minutes as often the difference is technique for the orthodontist rather than the result for the patient. The main difference is for the orthodontist as by being a little bit more technique sensitive and ensuring you maintain a good posture otherwise can be challenging on the back if we don’t sit in a good position. For these reasons not all orthodontists are trained with the use of lingual braces. So if you do not relish the thought of steel-studded teeth, how about a mouth full of bling! then lingual braces are an excellent treatment choice for you.

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