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My sister recently had a chemical peel and her skin was red and dry

Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi on January 22, 2011

My sister recently had a chemical peel and her skin was red and dry during the process. Was this part of the chemical peel or a negative reaction?

The body’s natural response to a chemical peel is a to trigger a mild inflammatory response in the skin that is represented by redness. This is often followed by peeling of the very superficial layers of the skin, to uncover the fresh rejuvenated skin below. The level of redness and discomfort after the procedure is determined by the strength of the peel and the skin type. Darker skin types tend to have greater inflammation and peels in this group should be performed by an appropriately qualified clinician. The best results of most peels occur at least several days after the peel, once the initial inflammatory process has settled and the superficial skin layers replenished by the underlying youthful skin.

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