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Orthodontic Treatments – WeLCOMe to Your Perfect Smile

Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi

Why have a healthy and beautiful life-long natural smile?

They say it takes a greater number of facial muscles to frown than to smile. Smiling makes us feel happier. Smiling people cause those around them to smile. However, some of us feel too shy to smile and even self-conscious because we feel our teeth ‘let us down’.

It is never too late and you are never too old to take the initiative and gain a positive health benefit to attain a healthy beautiful smile.

I really do not want to wear a mouth full of metal!

Modern orthodontic treatment has taken great strides with technological advances to produce aesthetic cosmetic braces. An increasing number of adults are now seeking orthodontic treatment to attain the perfect smile.

Adult orthodontic treatment has become greatly accessible due to the increased availability of cosmetic brace options

Conventional BracesClarity BracesDamon BracesLingual BracesInvisalign Braces


How can braces help me attain my perfect smile?

Orthodontic treatment is a specialised field of dentistry. The treatment is provided to straighten crooked teeth, close gaps, correct jaw alignments and can be used to facilitate placement of crowns, bridges or implants. Many people have crooked or overcrowded teeth which can cause difficulty with cleaning and increased risk of gum disease or tooth decay.

Orthodontic treatment can alleviate or prevent dental health problems in addition to the benefits of improved self esteem and gaining an attractive smile. No tooth substance needs to be removed to place the braces and therefore the perfect smile is achieved whilst maintaining sound healthy enamel.

Why choose an orthodontic specialist?

The teeth and the associated facial structures (lip position, jaw position and profile) are affected by orthodontic treatment. It is important that the orthodontic treatment is planned and properly completed to achieve successful treatment with long-term stability. Orthodontists on the Specialist Register held by the General Dental Council have undergone extensive and specialized post-graduate training of a further 3 years, which enables them to provide professional and proficient treatment for their patients.

What are fixed braces?

Conventional treatment involves the use of fixed metal brackets and depending on the type of correction required, treatment can take from six to eighteen months. The braces are individually attached to the teeth using a simple technique. Brace treatment works by transferring gentle forces to the teeth to guide them into their correct positions. No tooth substance needs to be removed to place the braces and therefore the perfect smile is achieved whilst maintaining sound healthy enamel.

What is the difference between fixed braces and aligners?

Fixed braces are attached directly to your teeth and are able to provide full three-dimensional controlled movements to your teeth. Fixed braces not only move your teeth into the right position but also the roots which ultimately anchor the teeth and provide long-term stability. Your teeth can be moved into the ideal position.

Aligners may not be able to offer the full controlled tooth movements and in some cases a compromise result may be achieved or you may need a further short course of fixed braces.

Would it be suitable for me?

Orthodontic treatment can be carried out successfully at any age from child to late adulthood. An orthodontic consultation is required to assess suitability for treatment.

How do I arrange a consultation?

Your consultation will only be carried by an orthodontist on the specialist register. During your consultation we will discuss with you the treatment options available including the type of treatments, the duration of the treatment along with a treatment fee. Please contact us today on 020 8222 8760 to arrange your consultation to start achieving the beautiful smile you deserve.

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