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Orthodontics for Children

Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi

Dr Kyi often assesses children aged between 10-12 years, when nearly all the permanent teeth have erupted.

Orthodontic treatment can be started on certain types of tooth problems even before all permanent teeth have erupted. Through an orthodontic evaluation assessment, you’ll be giving your child the best opportunity for lifelong healthy teeth.

With orthodontic evaluations and treatment, Dr. Kyi will be able to:

  • Lower the risk of trauma to protruded front teeth
  • Correct harmful oral habits e.g. thumb sucking
  • Reduce risk of plaque and food trap due to crowded teeth
  • Guide jaw growth e.g. to correct overbites
  • Correct cross-bites that can lead to facial asymmetric growth
  • Guide permanent teeth into a more favorable position
  • Create a more pleasing arrangement of teeth, lips and face
  • Possibly reduce the need for further treatment when patients are older

Treatment usually takes 12-18 months and a variety of brace appliances may be used to correct specific problems. This may involve removable braces, fixed metal or clear braces, Damon braces, Invisalign Teen or lingual Incognito brace treatment. Often fixed brace treatment is started when all the permanent teeth have erupted, but there are certain early treatments which may prevent or intercept more serious problems from developing and may make treatment at a later age shorter and less complicated. In some cases, Dr. Kyi will be able to achieve results that may not be possible once the face and jaws have finished growing using dento-facial orthopaedic treatment.

Dr. Kyi will discuss options with you to provide the best care and treatment program for you and your child. Contact us today on 020 8222 8760 to arrange an orthodontic assessment for your child with Dr Kyi.

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