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Straightening Treatment Costs: Beware of Hidden Extras

Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi on October 19, 2020

What is included in orthodontic treatment?

Our fees for all types of straightening treatment include ALL of the following, so there are no hidden extras: 1) All of your appointments with specialist orthodontist Dr Kyi, including your initial assessment, every review appointment mid-treatment and any emergencies;2) For Invisalign patients, any additional aligners due to mid-course adjustments; 3) Fixed retainers as well as removable night-time retainers; 4) Post-treatment retention supervision for 12 months.

How much does teeth straightening cost?

Our fees typically range between £3,500 and £4,500 – with no hidden extras – as your treatment with Dr Kyi cost includes ALL of the following: 1) Every appointment (before, during and after treatment); 2) Any additional aligners needed to fine-tune Invisalign treatment; 3) Post-treatment retainers (fixed retainers as well as removable night retainers); 4) 12 months’ supervision on completion of your treatment.

How much do braces cost in UK?

The cost depends not only on the type of brace but also on case complexity and length of treatment. Always find out what any price includes, so you don’t end up paying for extras you assumed would be included. Our prices typically range from £3500 to £4500 but that includes ALL appointments, including any extra or emergency appointments needed, additional aligners for those having Invisalign, custom-made fixed as well as night-time retainers and 12 months of post-treatment supervision.

Why are braces so expensive?

It all comes down to the total length of treatment and after care as well as to the level of expertise needed to accurately – and safely – move teeth to achieve the optimal outcome. Before treatment starts, Dr Kyi spends hours personally planning the movement of each tooth, then fine-tuning throughout treatment as necessary. From the initial consultation and all the planning, to the active treatment time and post-care supervision, can add up to 3 years’ worth of treatment and care.

How much does it cost to get a retainer?

Our prices for all types of straightening include 2 types of retainers – both fixed and removable night-time ones – as Dr Kyi would not offer to treat you without ensuring 1) You have retainers at the end of your treatment to ensure your straightened teeth remain in their new positions but also 2) You don’t have any surprises on the money front once your active treatment is complete!

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