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Wedding Smiles

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Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi

I contacted WeLCOMe Orthodontics when I got engaged as I wanted straight teeth for my wedding day. My lower teeth were crooked and my top canine teeth had not fully dropped due to overcrowding. I knew my course of treatment wouldn’t be completed by my wedding day, but within weeks of having them initially fitted my friends and family commented on how quickly my teeth had straightened. My braces were removed for my wedding day, I had an amazing day and felt very confident with my smile. I have recently had them put back on. Dr Kyi and her team have been very supportive in helping me achieve my goal. I’m very happy with the results so far.

Perfect straight smile

One of the reasons why I decided to wear my braces was I wanted to feel confident and look good on my wedding pictures. Before the braces I was very conscious about my smile and I did not want to smile in public or be in the centre of people’s attention. I was into the treatment when we decided to get married on 1st October 2011 and lucky and thanks to Dr Chaw Su Kyi from WeLCOMe Orthodontist I had my braces taken off just before my wedding day. It was the happiest day of my life and with my new smile I felt very confident because I knew my new smile made me look great!

Perfect straight smile – can I wear braces at my wedding? Yes, you can!

We have a number of patients who have undergone brace treatment for their special day. Some of our patients are concerned they have left it too late and not enough time left until the big day. It’s actually not too late to have braces fitted, even wearing braces on your wedding day!

Due to the technological advances of lingual braces, which are braces fitted on the inner surfaces of your teeth and invisible, you can wear the braces on your wedding day and no-one would need to know.

It may only be 5 months until your wedding day and you have only just organized the consultation with your orthodontist. But for your wedding day smile – it can be close to perfection even though the orthodontic treatment is not quite yet finished, as one of our patients have said:

I had lingual braces put on by Dr Chaw Su Kyi 5 months before my wedding. Although my teeth weren’t totally perfect for my big day, they were much straighter and looked great in the photos. Nobody even knew I was wearing braces and I felt much happier about my smile!

Before and After Treatment Photo


Wedding day smile…. wearing lingual braces

It’s not only lingual braces which could help, but clear braces worn on the outside can also achieve the results you are after, with a number of our patients having them removed for their big day, and re-fitted after their honeymoon. Here are a few of our patients sharing their wedding day experiences…..

Video Testimonial

Having your dream day with your dream smile. Watch one of our patients describe having orthodontic treatment to straighten her teeth before her wedding, and how we were able to remove the braces just for her big day and then re-fit them after her honeymoon.

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