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Which braces would you recommend for my granddaughter?

Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi on February 13, 2010

Which braces would you recommend for my granddaughter? She is 27 years old, has a very good job in publishing, and always takes care of her appearance. I am buying them for her because she has always been ashamed of her teeth but money has always been tight.

There are other types of braces – Damon braces which are also called self-ligating braces. Their main advantage is that if your granddaughter has a busy worklife, there are fewer adjustment appointments required and therefore less disruption to her normal routines. Also there is Invisalign brace treatment which may be suitable for your granddaughter. Invisalign are not fixed braces but are clear aligners and can be removed.  Invisalign offers nearly invisible brace treatment. There are now many brace treatment options available for your granddaughter. And again so fortunate to have a grandparent like yourself.

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