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WeLCOMe to Healthy Youthful Skin

Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi

At WeLCOMe all treatments are tailored to your individual needs. We specialize in treatments that give you the healthy smile and appearance you deserve. We believe your appearance is important and is a lifestyle choice and we offer a range of quality services and technology to match your individual needs. All treatments are performed by highly qualified specialists and lifestyle choices begin here.

At WeLCOMe we can offer all the below medical aesthetic procedures following a consultation with our trained hospital clinicians. Most large cosmetic clinics utilize nursing staff and often non-hospital based physicians for their cosmetic treatments. All our cosmetic treatments are conducted by doctors with years of experience in aesthetic medicine and are practising hospital surgeons. The most effective, high quality products and safe aesthetic treatments are used by our skilled professionals and our recent patient satisfaction questionnaire reported a 96% satisfaction rate, we are aiming for 100%.

“I had been to a several high street clinics as I had thought the larger the better, however the treatment was quite mixed. The treatment I received at Welcome was really excellent, the staff listened and the treatment was great. I wouldn’t consider going elsewhere now.” Alice, 36 Kensington

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Care quality commission is responsible for regulating independent healthcare in England, our services are of the stringent criteria required for the CQC and we are currently seeking formal registration


Wrinkle Smoothing for fine linesFillers for deeper lines & grooves or for fuller lipsFacial Peels for correcting ageing, pigmentation, scars, other wear & tear changes
Botox® or Vistabel®Restylane JuvadermSkin Tech
Botox VistabelRestylane JuvadermSkintech
Botox Before and AfterDermal Filler Before and AfterFAcial Peel Before and After


With ageing of the skin there is a loss of collagen that leads to every one of us to develop fine lines and wrinkles. Some of these lines may become a concern to us. Do you worry about the lines, wrinkles or any other age changes in the skin? At WeLCOME we specialize in facial treatments that are tailored to your individual needs and we offer a range of effective and safe medical aesthetic treatments:

It is our ethical policy that all patients referred to the practice by their dentist/doctor will only be treated for their referral, no other treatment will be offered.


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