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Dr Kyi - Best Orthodontist in London

2020 Oral Health and Dentistry Awards

The Oral Health & Dentistry Awards is presented by GHP Magazine and recognises excellence in orthodontics and dental care.

Dr. Chaw-Su Kyi - Best Specialist Orthodontist in London

We are pleased to announce Dr. Chaw-Su Kyi has been awarded as the 2020 Specialist Orthodontist of the Year in London, which recognises her class-leading orthodontic work throughout Hammersmith and London. Dr. Kyi has long been celebrated as an innovative and dedicated specialist in orthodontics, and one of the top orthodontic specialists in London - having trained in world-class hospitals, published multiple chapters and papers, and as a Platinum Provider for Invisalign.

Many patients seek out Dr Kyi as they are looking for the services of a top Female specialist orthodontist in London.

About the award

The Oral Health Awards recognize progress, effort, and enterprise amongst those in the dental and orthodontics professions across the UK. Those who are finalists and winners are chosen for their dedication and passion in what they do and embody the highest standard of both patient care and innovation and excellence in their work.

Dr. Chaw-Su Kyi

About Dr. Kyi

Dr. Kyi’s number one priority and passion are her patients, both young and old. She has a special interest in children’s treatment solutions and focuses on creating long-term solutions for beautiful and healthy smiles. Her optimal results are achieved through meticulous hands-on planning, calculating the current and prospective placement of the teeth, and how these will move to create a harmonious and better-functioning jaw and lower facial area.

Dr. Kyi also specialises in complex cases, accepting and treating patients who have been declined by other dentists or orthodontists who do not have the required experience or specialty.

With another award to add to her repertoire, it’s no surprise that Dr. Kyi has patients singing her praises for her thorough work, kind personality, and skilful work. See our video testimonials by past patients to learn more about why they believe Dr. Kyi is the best specialist orthodontist in London.

Dr. Kyi’s journey

Dr. Kyi is an Accredited Specialist in Orthodontics, with her hard work and commitment shining through early in her career, having received a Quadruple Distinction from Guy’s, King’s, and St Thomas’s Medical Schools, and a Distinction in her Orthodontics Master’s degree. She is a Membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgery and has a Membership in Orthodontics with the Royal College of Surgeons. On top of this, she is affiliated with nine dental and surgical associations and societies, including the British Orthodontic Society, the World Federation of Orthodontists, and the Oral Health Foundation.

Having had three children since setting up her practice in Hammersmith keeps her on her toes, but has driven her to be a champion for early intervention in children’s orthodontics, providing the right treatment at the right time.

The best specialist orthodontist in London

At her clinic in West London, Dr. Kyi plans every patient’s treatments personally, often prevailing over previously unsolvable cases. She offers a range of brace systems ranging from traditional braces to Invisalign, depending on her patient’s age, needs, goals, and dental history.

During the consultation, she takes the time to perform comprehensive assessments of her patient’s teeth, gums, and jaw, as well as listen closely to any concerns or questions. She will suggest the best treatments for each patient, and help to make the best decision for them.

Treatments with Dr. Kyi

An expert across a range of brace systems, Dr. Kyi offers the right solution for any patient. These include Invisalign, lingual braces, braces for children, clarity braces, and Damon braces.

In order to assess the best solution for her patients, a full orthodontic consultation with Dr. Kyi is broken into four parts:

A Comprehensive
Orthodontic Assessment:
To evaluate teeth alignment, bite, and the health of teeth and gums.
A Full Smile
To assess the facial profile, including the position of lips and chin.
A 5D iTero
Using near-infrared imaging of the teeth to assess enamel health.
Smile Simulation
To visualise potential outcomes of treatment options - with no obligations.

Dr. Kyi prides herself on giving patients their dream smiles. If you are considering orthodontic work or wish to explore your options, contact Dr. Kyi and her specialist team to book a consultation.