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Listen to our patient talk about his Invisalign treatment

Hi, so we just want to have a quick chat and see how you felt about having your Invisalign braces and so I guess how did you feel before you even had the braces and before you started treatment?

I wasn’t particularly happy with my teeth. I thought cosmetically they weren’t the best they could be, just not very straight.

Okay. So what was it that made you go ahead with the Invisalign and with the treatment with us here?

Well, I had a consultation with a Dr Kyi and first of all, I was so impressed by the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that she creates it in a consultation, and also the ease of the treatment and how will that was explained in a hour. I could manage it my, my daily life and how it wouldn’t really impact my appearance too much.

Perfect. So I guess he found it quite easy a treatment. So what was the worst or the hardest part of the Invisalign treatment?

So it wasn’t really that much. It was too hard really. I mean there was a bit of tightening stance. So I’m a bit of discomfort and my speech was slightly impaired, but actually within the first two or three aligners, the discomfort you’ve gone away and, and it becomes sort of a seamless part of my life.

So you got used to it quite easily, is Invisalign lifestyle friendly?

Completely. I could pack it, I could pull them in and out when I needed to, if I had a meetings or presentations to do when I’m, when I didn’t want them, they could come out, came up to my wedding, but then they were back in straightaway and it was pretty easy to work around it.

And did you notice other people were noticing that you’re wearing braces? Have they mentioned anything, to family or friends?

I actually had to, it wasn’t until I brought it up with people that they noticed I was wearing them.

It’s a really good option to have, isn’t it?

Especially as an adult, somebody who leads, the typical life. And certainly like when you meet people and you’re conscious about having maybe full traditional braces, Invisalign is a great alternative to have.

So does it feel like it’s the best thing you’ve ever done?

Best thing i’ve done for my teeth, that’s for sure.

Great. And it was a good decision to get Invisalign?

Absolutely. Yep.

Thank you.

*Results May Vary

Listen to our patient talk about how to brush your teeth with fixed braces.

Hi, I’m Gabriella, I’m going through bracement treatment at this orthodontist with Dr. Kyi. The improvement with my teeth has been very big since I first started. Now i’m going to explain how to brush your teeth and keep your teeth clean. So this is a packet you can buy. There’s a range of sizes, and I use the blue ones personally. They look like that, with a little cap on top to keep them clean. There’s a little brush that goes in between the teeth, like this, to keep them clean. You just wipe in between the tooth, and you do that with each tooth in between the gaps and try to get the little tiny pieces of food if you can. I personally use an electric toothbrush, and obviously, you press the bottom button and you just brush like this. But since it’s already moving, you can keep it in one place at the same time and do very slight brush strokes. Along the teeth, and along the bottom. That’s how you do it.

*Results May Vary

Listen to our patient talk about her treatment experience with a lower lingual fixed brace and upper Invisalign braces.

Hello, my name is Sophie, I had an orthodontic treatment when I was younger, but after time my teeth actually moved naturally. So I came here and got a lower lingual brace on my bottom teeth because they were very crowded. And then later on in the treatment I decided to get Invisalign on my top because it was very quick, it only took a couple of months to straighten as they weren’t as crowded. I definitely recommend both lower lingual brace and the Invisalign. I didn’t find any problems with wearing them together, and i’ve had a great treatment.

*Results May Vary

Watch one of our teenage patients describe their experience with fixed braces and how they managed with brace treatment over the last 18 months.

I recently got my braces off. My braces were done by Dr. Kyi and I’m really happy with the results. The braces were ok – they weren’t that uncomfortable and they didn’t really hurt that much. It was a little annoying not being able to eat nuts and other stuff, but that’s fine because I’m happy with what they’ve turned out to be. I’m really happy that Dr. Kyi has made them look like this. So if you guys want to get braces because of your teeth, then I would go to Dr. Kyi from Welcome Orthodontics because that’s the best place to get them done.

*Results May Vary

Watch one of our patients describe their experience with lower Invisalign braces and how manageable it was to wear the Invisalign braces.

I just had Invisalign done. I had a small issue on my bottom teeth which was two crooked ones in the middle. It is easy enough to use, just change it every couple of weeks and it is virtually painless. You feel a bit of a tug when you first put them in, but apart from that it’s fine. You wear them and take them out when eating and drinking. It is fairly easy to manage. Now it is actually weird not having them in because I had them in for so long, but it went very quickly.

*Results May Vary

Listen to one of our patients after completing treatment with Invisalign braces for his teeth as the teeth had replaced and moved back since having treatment when he was younger.

I just completed my treatment with Dr. Kyi. It was actually a fairly easy experience throughout. There was a slight irritation the first couple of nights, but after that it was like nothing was there. It was a very worthwhile experience. I am a lot more confident in my smile, a lot more confident in general. I am very pleased that I went through this experience with Invisalign.

*Results May Vary

Watch one of our patients describing how they are getting on with their upper and lower lingual braces, can you see the braces? It was very important for him to have treatment with the least visible brace option.

I am having orthodontic treatment here at Welcome Orthodontics with Dr. Kyi. The ones I have are called incognito lingual braces, which means they go behind the back of your teeth. I didn’t know that existed and it was the best option for me. I’m a musician and I’m camera and I’m in pictures a lot, and I didn’t necessarily want to have this big metal thing in front of my face. It’s a bit of change. I am four months into my treatment and my teeth already moved , I’m really happy with the way it’s gone. It’s been a smooth ride in the grand scheme of things.

*Results May Vary

Listen to our patient describing their current experience with upper and lower lingual fixed braces.

I’ve got the braces on the inside, the lingual ones. I’ve had them on for over a year know. My teeth are quite crooked, which was denting my confidence a bit. I’ve got used to them now. I don’t really notice them, the only thing is cleaning, making sure the stuff is coming off the teeth. I haven’t really had a problem, a little bit of getting used to in the beginning. I had a bit of lisp a few weeks, it’s gone away now, barely noticeable. I’ve been surprised how quickly my teeth have straightened out. I feel a lot better, my face just feels better. It seems more symmetrical. I’m happy with the treatment here, no problems.

*Results May Vary

Here is one of our patient’s who has just had his fixed braces fitted after completing the first course of orthodontic treatment with a removable brace to correct his bite.

I’m Jacob and I have just had a retainer and now I have braces. The retainer was very easy to be put on and easy to take track of because you guys give us a box. And so I am saying goodbye to my retainer and hello to my braces. So far the braces don’t hurt at all. They feel good, easy. I am happy to have braces because you don’t have to take them in and out anymore. And I like how you can choose your colors.

*Results May Vary

Listen to one of our patients describing their experience with having upper lingual fixed braces and lower ceramic clear fixed braces. He was extremely happy to make the decision to start treatment which has been a worthwhile investment and transformed his teeth.

I’ve just finished my treatment at Welcome. I am delighted, really. I’ve had a clear bracket brace on the front lowers and a legal brace on the top. My lower teeth were quite crowded at the bottom, quite difficult to deal with. I was quite surprised it was actually possible to do something with them. I’ve been going to dentist for years and been told that I should have something done about them, but never actually had until I got a recommendation to come here from my dentist and because Dr. Chaw is such a specialist. It’s been about 2 ½ years in total on the whole treatment and it’s been a complete transformation on the bottom. And the top is all aligned as well. The whole thing’s been fantastic. Everybody here has been great, very helpful, even when I’ve come in with problems. The overall result is fantastic and I’d happily recommend it to absolutely anyone. If anyone like me was putting it off thinking it would be a really difficult and unpleasant process, it’s definitely worth doing. I have no reservations saying that at all. It’s been good throughout.

*Results May Vary

Coming here to get my braces was a really easy and enjoyable pain-free experience. The doctors were both really kind and helpful and helped me get through my treatment with ease.

*Results May Vary

Watch one of our patients talking about her brace journey starting with a removable brace for bite correction followed by fixed braces, and how the whole experience has been very worthwhile.

So I had the fixed braces and the plate, so I had the plate too start with and that was surprisingly easy to wear. And after the first few days, it just felt like normal, and then I transitioned into the fixed braces, and again after the first few days, it felt normal. I started seeing progress really quickly. I actually really enjoyed coming to my orthodontic appointments and I’m really happy with how my teeth turned out cause before I had my braces, I had a big gap, but now its completely different and I’m very happy with it.

*Results May Vary

Hi, I just wanted to say how happy I am with the treatment I had and the braces from the WELCOME clinic in Hammersmith. Dr. Kyi and her staff have been absolutely wonderful, professional, kind and caring and I am over the moon with the way my teeth are now. I never thought I could have braces at my age, but evidently you can and it worked. And especially now that i’ve had them whitened, I feel absolutely wonderful, thank you very much.

*Results May Vary

I just recently got my braces off 3 weeks ago and i’m so happy to see the results of my teeth. Having braces was not bad and it went by really really quickly. I’m so happy to with how my teeth look now and my favorite part about having braces was being able to choose the color of my bands.

*Results May Vary

Listen to one of our patients describing their orthodontic treatment with lingual fixed braces and how it was very important the braces were discrete but able to achieve perfection for his smile.

I’d like to say a big “Thank You” to Dr. Chaw Su and staff for my braces that I wore for approximately 2 years. It was the invisible incognito braces, which I wanted because of my work. It is important to get perfection on my teeth, but I didn’t want to actually have the braces showing. They were very easy to wear and very comfortable. As long as you perform maintenance and listen to the instruction, all will work well. I am very happy with the results. I love my new teeth and I get lot of compliments. Thank you very much to everyone that was involved in my procedure.

*Results May Vary

Patient sees her mom after the removal of braces.

*Results May Vary

Watch one of our patients talking about how happy she is having had brace treatment with Damon fixed braces and the results achieved for her new smile.

I am really happy with my teeth. After numerous years of research, I finally took the plunge and found the West London Orthodontics studio. It was fantastic from day one. Everybody made me feel really comfortable, I was explained from start to finish what the treatment would entail and how much it would cost. I was informed all the way. The treatment wasn’t sore. It was just perfect actually from start to finish. I couldn’t be more happier.

*Results May Vary

Listen to one of our patients describing how it feels to wear fixed braces.

I’ve been wearing braces for 9 months and I originally started off with a retainer to correct my overbite and then I had my bottom braces put on. At first, they did hurt quite a lot, but when I got use to it, they just felt completely normal and straightaway, after about 1.5 months I noticed the change that was happening because they were completely wonky before and they came straight really quickly. Then I had the top braces put on, i think it was about 4 or 5 months ago and they were exactly the same. It hurt for about 1.5 weeks in the beginning and they stopped hurting and just felt completely natural and now I don’t really notice that I got braces on. It just feels completely normal and I can really already see a massive change having them on and I would definitely recommend this to everyone who just maybe doesn’t feel confident in looking at themselves in the mirror or smiling maybe because they just don’t feel confident they’re having nice teeth, I definitely would recommend having braces because they’ve changed my teeth so much.

*Results May Vary

Listen to one of our patients describe how they now feel having finished their brace treatment and how easy it was to wear the fixed braces.

Hi, my name is Dan and I just got my braces off about a week ago. I found the process very easy to handle because the staff was so good here and the braces itself was really fitted to my teeth and I didn’t find any issues with that. It took me a while obviously to get use to my routine and the braces but only about a week and a half and after that, it was like it wasn’t really there. I’m really pleased with getting straight teeth and I definitely think the process is worth it. If anyone is looking to try out or a bit nervous, there is really no issue about that, its just kind of getting it over with really. I’m very very thankful to all the staff again and the doctor and also very pleased with the finished product.

*Results May Vary

Watch one of our patients describe their brace treatment with Damon fixed braces as an adult.

Hi, I’ve been thinking about having braces for a long time really. When I was about 13 or 14 I was recommended to have a brace but the decision was taken at that point, not to actually have one and I think thats something that prayed on my mine ever since. So when the option came to be able to have the treatment, I looked around and was very happy to get a recommendation for Welcome Centre. I went for Damon Clear braces, which as a adult, suited me really well because they were very subtle. People didn’t notice them straight off at all and they worked really well for me. The treatment took longer then I hoped perhaps, but it was well worth it. I had crooked teeth on the top and the bottom. When I smiled before the braces, people would have gone “oh, theres the girl with weird teeth” but I just was very conscious of it and it was something that I needed to fix. Now they’re off, I’m absolutely delighted, it’s probably the best decision I’ve ever made. I can’t speak highly enough of Welcome and although it was a long process, they’ve been fantastic the whole way.

*Results May Vary

Watch one of our patients talk about their experience with lingual fixed braces and was it worthwhile as an adult?

Hello, I was quite old in getting my braces and also I thought I have had crooked teeth on my bottom set ever since I was about 13 but left them cause no one could see them. When my upper teeth started to cross bite badly, I realized I had to do something so I was recommended to Welcome Orthodontics and I was fitted with a brace, bottom set, also on the inside, a top set. I’ve been so impressed throughout it, all the professional care I’ve received. It’s been about 18 months. During that time, I had a few instances where I thought “is this really going to be worth it.?” But now, I’ve had them removed and I’m absolutely delighted with the finish. I didn’t think it’d be possible to rectify my bottom set at all. They’re perfectly straight and my top set is not twisted. I’m extremely happy. So it is never too late to have braces and I highly recommend coming here.

*Results May Vary

How does it feel to wear fixed braces?

Hi, I’m Dan. I’m currently going through braces. It seems to be working quite well because you can tell that there is significant improvement, when you feel like nothing’s going on. I started off with a retainer and I didn’t find it to be bad at all. The only issue was cleaning it every time you eat a meal, but you get use to that quickly. I’m glad I did this now that I got my braces on, it’s really not that bad. It’s quite bad for the first few nights when you get them on, but that always happens anyway and you get use to it very quickly. And the only time it hurts a little bit is when you get them tighten and it really hurts for about 10 minutes, but I’m really glad I did it and I recommend it to any one who’s trying it. I think all the orthodontist and people like that are really really good and do a really good job and I’m comfortable with them working on my teeth and stuff like that, so it was been a very good experience and I am looking forward to seeing what happens for the final product.

*Results May Vary

What is it like to be wearing lingual braces?

I was recommended to come to Dr. Kyi by my dentist and it was a fantastic recommendation. I did have braces on the outside when I was younger and then I had wisdom teeth that grew through and pushed my teeth very crooked. I perform in a West-End show so it was quite important for me to feel comfortable and in smiling and I wasn’t willing to go back to braces on the outside, I was uncomfortable with this. So I got lingual braces and I was actually really astonished that I was more comfortable that it was more comfortable wearing braces on the inside than it was on the outside. They don’t cut up your lips, they don’t interfere with eating, and within, truthfully one day, I felt completely back to myself. My speech as you can hear is pretty normal, I didn’t get a lisp, there was nothing funny, eating everything comfortable. Its been one of the best things I did actually for my teeth and I’m very happy that I did it.

*Results May Vary

Was the Treatment Worth It?

Would you tell me how you feel the orthodontic treatment has changed your life?

Well, for me personally, the reason that I took this orthodontic treatment were because my teeth were very overcrowded and I couldn’t clean them properly and was advised by my dentist that it was possible that I might lose all my teeth if I didn’t do something. So I came along and I had braces and now my teeth are all even and I can clean them very easily and I think they will last me for the rest of my life.

What was your overall experience at WELCOME Orthodontics? Very good, very slick. Everything was very straight forward. I would say the first 2 or 3 appointments that I had maybe resulted in a little bit of pain as my teeth were quite stubborn to move. But after that initial bit, actually having all the braces in went very smoothly.

What advice would you give to your family and friends following your treatment here at the practice? I think that given the technology has moved on in leaps and bounds, and it’s just so different from when it was when I was a child. I would advise anybody who has got any problem teeth at the moment to come and do something about it because the results are so wickedly good.

Would you recommend WELCOME Orthodontics to others? Indeed I would and already have.

*Results May Vary

Invisalign Treatment

Hello. I’m Allison. I, first of all, had braces as a child, and now I have a very very busy job and I’m starting to notice that the gap is starting to get larger. And then, I had a photograph taken which shows the teeth are becoming totally misaligned. So I consulted Dr. Kyi and the team at West London Orthodontics. I was really impressed by their professionalism and that reassured us. The first thing that I had done was have the impressions taken and then to have the Clincheck. It was at that point that I really realized just how bad the teeth were and the team worked with me to look at the progress that was going to be required for treatment. It was fair to say that the first week was pretty awful but I can reassure anybody that if they are having treatment, to actually progress through that first week because after that, then it becomes much easier and the aligners, in fact, become, your normal life and so you don’t have anything to worry about. I have a very very busy job and I travel internationally, so initially, I was concerned about how the lines were going in fit in with that busy schedules particularly when I was giving presentations. But everything fell into place and it became just part of my normal life and I really want to thank Dr. Kyi and the team. They were absolutely fantastic. Dr. Kyi is extremely professional and meticulous in her care and I would recommend very highly the centre for anybody who is having treatment in the future.

*Results May Vary

Smile with confidence

Now that I have my orthodontics treatment finished, I can smile with much more confidence. I’m really happy with the results. Dr. Kyi’s treatments were really painless and very fast. I can now be more social, smile much more, and interact with my friends with much more confidence. The treatment was really quick and painless. All the team at Dr. Kyi’s surgery is fantastic, they give all the support you need and all the information you need. I would recommend to any of my friends or family, Dr. Kyi’s surgery for their orthodontic treatment. It’s really something that hit us and if it bothers you as an adult, I think that it would be painless, and socially difficult, but it’s not, and in just one year, you have the perfect mouth you’ve always wished for. I can just say to all my friends and family to just go for it if you want it.

*Results May Vary

Braces removed for wedding

I got my braces put on about 11 months ago and then about 5 months after getting them on, my fiance and I decided to get married. It was a big decision because obviously, every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day and I was a bit worried about wearing braces on that day. But then we’ve been together for such a long time that I said ok, braces, no braces,just let’s do it. So I didn’t say anything to Dr. Kyi or anyone else, I just sort of got used to the idea that I will be wearing braces on my wedding day. But then about, maybe 2nd to the last visit before the wedding, I just mentioned that, you know, I was getting married, and if it was possible to get, just a thinner wire to put on, and Dr. Kyi said “Yeah! If you want to, I can take the braces off for the day.” So I was really really shocked, and I didn’t really expect that and you know once someone mentions something like that to you, of course, it’s just “Yes, I want them off”. So, I got my braces removed about 4 weeks ago and I got married 2 weeks ago. I think that was the best decision I’ve ever made because just looking at some of the wedding photos, I see that my smile is beautiful and if I thought that before, i’d be happy with just wearing braces, it just, definitely, was the best thing i’d ever done. So for those, who postpone weddings over braces, or postpone braces because of their upcoming wedding, you can do both because you can always take your braces off. And Dr. Kyi is always really nice, and always very accommodating. So I got more appointments straight away, and when I came back, I even had a wedding guide waiting for me, so that was just really nice.

*Results May Vary

I wasn’t looking out for my teeth

The reason why I had the orthodontic treatment was because I found that I wasn’t looking out for my teeth very well. The reason I wasn’t looking out for my teeth very well was because they were all crooked. I got to the point where I wasn’t visiting the dentist very frequently. I only visit the dentist when I needed something significant done. So the last time that happened, I started talking to him about straightening my teeth out. My view was if I did that, I would look after them much better, so I entered the process of being referred to Dr. Kyi at that point, I was introduced to the practice and sort of introduced to the sort of treatments I could have and very quickly, I was up and going with the treatment. As soon as i was starting up and going the treatment, I found that I started to look after my teeth much better than I had done previously. Also, I was really, pleasantly surprised by how little wearing the braces interfered with my day to day life, and also how quickly I overcame the sort of preconceived and embarrassment I thought I would have wearing braces at my age. So I quickly forgot that i was even wearing them and at the same time, I started looking after my teeth much better. The only thing I really found irritating about wearing braces was that food would get stuck in them, and one of the positive things about food getting stuck in my braces is that forced me to brush my teeth throughout the day as well as in the morning and in the evening. Anyway, the actual treatment took a lot less time than I anticipated it was going to take. I kind of had a feeling it would take a couple years, I ended up having the braces on for about 16 months. As promised, my teeth started to move relatively easily, so it was kind of a surprise to me. I guess i’m so far off, i can’t say that it changed my life massively, but certainly, it has made me more “tooth proud” therefore, I do look after my teeth much better. So i’m hoping the next time I go to the dental hygienist, which i’m due to do next week, she won’t tell me off as much as she use to.

*Results May Vary

Testimonial – JA

I Just got my braces off 10 days ago and i was really worried that it was going to hurt and be a pain to eat with but they’re fine, they were perfectly alright. ANd when i got them off, everyone was really complimenting me and saying my teeth looked good which was really great, and i really liked them. A year ago, i first got my bottom braces on and 6 months later, i got the top ones, but basically, all my bottom teeth are crossed and my top front teeth were. But now they are all sortted out and everything, so much better, so much happier and i just want to say Thank You to everyone at Welcome Orthodontics for helping me with my treatment. And when i first got my braces on, i was really worried about pain and eating, but everything was fine, i didn’t have any pain but i didn’t have them on for long. And recently, i got them off, and i felt really great when people were complimenting me and how great my teeth looked, so that was a positive. And everyone here was really friendly and i was worried what i would looked like, but they were so discrete that no one really cares. And there was no pain during the appointments, everything was fine, everything was gentle, everyone was friendly. It went great, i got my braces off and i’m really happy with them and i recommend anyone to Welcome Orthodontics.

*Results May Vary

I am more than happy with the final result.

I first came to see Chaw Su because I had problems with my bite and I was really unhappy with my smile. The treatment is now complete and I am more than happy with the final result. It exceeded my expectations and the 16 months that it took to achieve this passed by smoothly due to the high level of care submitted by all of the doctors.

*Results May Vary

Now that it is done, my teeth are just perfect.

Before my treatment I felt quite unsure but then I saw how friendly everyone was and I just thought it was going to be okay and I needed to get rid of my crooked teeth anyway so it was fine. When the treatment began, it was so just quick and easy. It was really fast and no fuss. I absolutely loved it. Now that it is done, my teeth are just perfect. I absolutely love them. I couldn’t ask for anything better. I would absolutely recommend this place for anyone.

*Results May Vary

I’m amazed with the results!

I just had T braces taken off. I am very, very happy with the results. I’m amazed with the results actually. I went for three consultations before coming here. I really wasn’t very happy with the services that I was being offered. I made a call here and had a very long telephone conversation with the orthodontist and decided to come in and made an appointment to have the consultation for my teeth.

I then had two braces put on and they were on for just over a year and a half. Before they went on, I wouldn’t smile at parties and I didn’t like showing my teeth at all. As soon as the braces went on, I felt like I was doing something positive about it. Now I love my smile and I always smile in parties. I have much more confidence.

The staff there were all very helpful and they always put you at ease before any appointments. The appointments are fine. It’s not painful. It’s all very pleasant and well worth the time and effort. I think it is the best money I’ve ever sent.

I recommended West End Orthodontics to several friends who will be looking to have braces put on themselves. I might say go for it. It is absolutely well worth the time, money, and effort. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done!

*Results May Vary

I feel that orthodontic treatment really changed my life.

I feel that orthodontic treatment really changed my life. It’s made me more confident to smile. I would definitely recommend going to orthodontics. Before I came here I was a bit scared about having braces but looking back I see that it was definitely well worth it. Also, the appointments there were at convenient times so you don’t have to miss school, which is really important to me.

I would say if you are considering going for orthodontic treatment definitely go to them. It is well worth it and when you look back on it you would definitely think that you did the right thing. Go to them!

*Results May Vary

It is so worth while and it makes all the difference.

I had my braces on for 18 months nearly and it’s such a change from having them on at the beginning and then feeling my teeth at the end because there is such a change. And you can feel them in there like a proper arc. It feels bizarre feeling the front of your teeth again because, it being such a long while, even the slightest amount of time makes such the difference and it is so worth while.

They are so welcoming and they make you feel so secure because they know exactly what they are doing. I’d recommend it to all of my friends now having dealt with it because it is so worth while and it makes all the difference to your confidence and just your general appearance. It kind of makes everyone see you in a completely different light and you find yourself smiling so much more than you did before and it’s just crazy.

*Results May Vary

WeLCOMe is a great place and I would recommend it to anyone who wants orthodontics.

My experience at WeLCOMe Orthodontics was great. The staff was very friendly. Nicolene and Chelsea helped me a lot. I was worried about things like pain and comfortableness but they were fine. My school thing was not another problem but the lovely Chelsea saw to it that I did well with my retainers and braces, as well as they could be. The braces themselves were very simple. It didn’t take much time with two appointments every month or so.

WeLCOMe is a great place and I would recommend it to anyone who wants orthodontics.

*Results May Vary

You’ve all done a really good job!

I had train track orthodontic braces for about 12 months. I finished my treatment, getting on to about a year ago now, and I’ve since had a clear kinda of Invisalign style mouthguard thing called a retainer to keep my teeth looking nice in the meantime.

The reason that I really went ahead with the treatment in the first place was because my teeth were a little bit goofy, they weren’t terrible but I wasn’t very happy with them. Really it was when at a night out, socializing that I was most conscious of them and also in photographs I would get a bit of a shadow on my bottom lip which kind of really emphasized the slight goofiness. I just wanted to get it sorted out and have a real Hollywood smile.

I did a little bit of investigation into it. I had refused treatment when I was 13, 14. I just really didn’t want to have that un-cool factor of having braces and by the time I got to 18, 19 I actually really regretted that decision but could no longer get on the NHS because I was an adult and so I had to start saving up for it. So I did quite a bit of investigation into different clinics in this area and decided that this one was the nicest, most friendly place to come and have my teeth done. I obviously met with the team here and got a real sense of that professionalism and trust that they could deliver what I was looking for.

So I went ahead and had all of the initial assessments and all the molds taken and came to the conclusion that train tracks would be the best option for me. Other options weren’t really so useful for what I needed to be done or they were going to take longer to complete the treatments. So for me, train tracks was the way foreword but because I was now working and had a social life and things, I didn’t want to have the full-on metal braces because it would be quite obvious. So I went for the ceramic version instead, which I really loved very much. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all, well obviously having it fitted for the fist time is a little bit uncomfortable but not painful at all. At the very start I had a few little minor ulcers just from accidentally stabbing the inside of my mouth a little too hard with my toothbrush but nothing more than that. And really they were very subtle, you couldn’t really see them that much in photos and they didn’t knock my confidence at all. I really didn’t have an issue with my train tracks at all.

As I said they were on for about 12 months, actually it was a speedier process than we had initially thought which was excellent, and finally they came off and they had absolutely done the job. I got the teeth that I wanted and since that point I have had the clear kind of mouthguard retainer which I now wear just at night.

For the first six months I had to wear that every day but it really is invisible, you can’t tell you’re wearing it. When you first put it in you have a slight lisp, but really you get used to it, you can speak really easily with it, no issued what-so-ever. You just take it out for eating, and obviously brushing your teeth and then you put it back in. It’s really easy to cope with. So I wore that for six months every day and night and then we gradually kind of whittled it down and now I’m just wearing it at night, which is absolutely not a problem at all, and here are my teeth now! So yes, you’ve all done a really good job!

*Results May Vary

I can’t wait to go into school and show my Hollywood smile off.

Before I had my braces my teeth were all wonky and stuck out because I used to suck my thumb and I was kind of embarrassed to smile and I’d put my lips over my teeth and I looked really goofy actually and I was actually begging my parents to get me braces, not really the other way around.

So we went to my neighborhood dentist and he told me I’d have to have two teeth taken out, which I was so nervous about but it didn’t hurt at all because he put some numbing stuff on it, and then we came here because he recommended WeLCOMe Orthodontics.

When we came here everyone was just really friendly and they explained what i’d have to do and I was just felt that the sooner they could get my braces on the better. I’ve had them on for over two years now and I had the see-through ones at the top and then the metal ones on the bottom because the metal ones you can hardly see anyway. I was fine with it, I was really excited to get them on actually. All my friends were excited to see me with braces and they said I looked better with braces than I did without.

I just got them off and I can’t stop feeling my teeth. My friends have taken a before picture and they are just about to take an after. I can’t wait to go into school and show my Hollywood smile off.

Yeah, I’ve had a great time, all the people here are so nice. I’ve had a few cover orthodontists because mine has gone on maternity leave twice. But even then they are so nice and you get to know them quickly and really well. I really recommend this place, I think my mom has already started calling around my friends.

So definitely compliments on being amazing,. Thank you!

*Results May Vary

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