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Damon Self-Ligating Braces in London

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Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi

One of the great technological advances in orthodontics are Damon braces. This type of brace system allows your teeth to move ‘freely’. The teeth can move slightly quicker and with fewer orthodontic visits during your treatment. Potentially your treatment may be shorter and you will have less disruption to your personal diary with longer appointment intervals between your orthodontic adjustments during treatment.

Why should I choose to have Damon brace treatment with London’s leading orthodontist?

Dr. Kyi’s experience and expertise allow her to assess each case individually and offer the most suitable treatment type for you. Damon braces treatment is suitable for almost every case. She has successfully provided this treatment in hundreds of cases to give her patients the smile they always dreamed of. Often we can allow a small amount of ‘widening’ or expansion with Damon braces but Dr Kyi is always very precise with this technique to ensure you achieve a natural looking smile. The key to success is planning the case and fitting the braces correctly. Only Dr Kyi will carry out your orthodontic assessment and personally fit your braces. There are many types of self-ligating braces available but Dr Kyi uses Damon Braces to straighten teeth at her Harley Street and Hammersmith Grove locations. Damon braces have been shown to have exceptional quality and results.

What are the advantages of Damon braces over ‘normal’ fixed braces?

Comparative braces | Damon braces

Conventional fixed braces require an elastic to hold the wire in place. The elastic exerts a frictional force which has to be overcome before the wire is able to work and move your teeth. Self ligating braces are able to hold the wire in place without the need for an elastic. This means the wire is able to move freely from the outset to allow your teeth to move freely and comfortably. As the brackets are self ligating the wire is continually working allowing you to have longer intervals between your appointments, we can see you every 10-12 weeks rather than 6-8weeks to minimise the disruption to your normal daily schedules. The brackets are smaller and without elastics they are much easier to keep clean. As the braces are freely moving the treatment duration may be reduced compared to conventional braces.

Will Damon braces straighten my teeth effectively?

Yes, you will have a fantastic result. Due to the way the braces ‘work’ there are a number of cases which we can treat without removing teeth by creating space with the brace. Often we can allow a small amount of ‘widening’ or expansion but Dr Kyi is always very precise with this technique to ensure you achieve a natural looking smile.

Damon Braces : Before and After Treatment Photos - Male (frontal view)

How do you fit them?

The procedure is similar to fitting ceramic braces, please click here to read the fitting of these braces.

Does it hurt?

Female in chair

You may experience some mild discomfort during the first few days after fitting the brace. This is often well tolerated and can be easily relieved by mild painkillers if required. Your mouth may feel a little rubbing from the brackets and this can be relived using ‘wax’ which is provided to you free throughout treatment. Similar to conventional braces, during treatment there are types of food which you will now have to avoid to reduce the risk of the brace breaking, for e.g. crusty breads. We will thoroughly discuss with you the after-care advice and throughout your treatment our team are happy to answer any concerns at any time.

How much does it cost?

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Your customised Damon brace treatment at our London office starts from £3500. The treatment fee includes all your appointments including any emergency appointments and all materials with no hidden extra costs. Our interest free credit will allow you to spread the payments over the course of your treatment. Your investment is for a lifelong smile and we guarantee our lifelong duty of care to you.

How do I arrange a consultation?

Your consultation will only be carried by Dr Kyi who completed her Orthodontics Masters with Distinction as well as quadruple distinctions at London Dental School. During your consultation, we will discuss with you the treatment options available including the type of treatments, the duration of the treatment along with a treatment fee.

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