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Lingual braces

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Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi

Lingual braces are fixed braces which fit on the inner surfaces of the teeth and are truly invisible. They work in the same way as conventional fixed braces but with one big difference – no one will know you are wearing braces. They allow us to carry out the full range of tooth movements to achieve the perfect natural smile for you.

Are lingual braces really invisible?

Many of Dr Kyi’s patients require absolute discretion so work colleagues, the general public and even family members may not be aware of their braces. Lingual braces were the favoured treatment choice for the Duchess of Cambridge leading up to her wedding.

Why have your lingual brace treatment with us?

Leading West London orthodontist Dr Kyi has been providing lingual braces to her Harley Street and London patients since Incognito (lingual braces) was first introduced in the UK. She went through specific lingual orthodontic training and accreditation to be able to offer Incognito lingual braces to her patients. Lingual braces are technically demanding as they are fitted to the inner aspect of the teeth, which makes them hidden from view. Only a few London orthodontists are able to offer them to all their patients. Dr Kyi has pioneered their use in the UK and is one of the top users of lingual braces in the UK, offering them in her Harley Street and West London offices.

Dr Kyi’s experience and expertise allow her to offer this treatment option even in challenging cases. Dr Kyi has treated a number of very complex cases using lingual braces including extraction cases and patients who have impacted teeth. These cases are often treated with a visible fixed brace by orthodontists who have less experience with fitting lingual braces. Dr Kyi’s experience with both the technical intricacies and an in-depth understanding of the lingual brace system means we are able to discuss with you all the brace treatment options possible to achieve your goals.

Case Studies

I have been told that I need to have extractions – can I still wear lingual braces?

Before Treatment

Before Treatment Lingual braces Photo Before Lingual braces patient Before Lingual braces Pic Before Treatment Lingual braces

During Treatment

patient after Lingual braces
Photo after Lingual braces Pic after Lingual braces

I have gaps between my teeth – how visible is the wire?

Often the wire itself is not any more visible than the current ‘gaps’ or spaces in the mouth. The case below shows a patient wearing an upper lingual brace to close the spaces in the upper teeth. As the images show there is very little visibility of the wires during treatment.

Before Treatment

Lingual braces - image before Lingual braces - before

During Treatment

image During Lingual braces
Photo During Lingual braces Pic During Lingual braces

I have a very twisted or crooked tooth – can you place a lingual brace onto this tooth?

The method of brace treatment or the technique used for lingual braces are the same principles as if we were placing a brace on the outside, and so yes, we would be able to straighten the tooth in a similar way. The case below illustrates a patient with a twisted and nearly hidden front incisor tooth.

During Treatment

Lingual braces - famale patient before
famale patient before Lingual braces - image picture before Lingual braces

During Treatment

expert Lingual braces
Results Lingual braces During Lingual braces

How do you fit them?

There are two appointments required.

During the first appointment a detailed impression of your teeth is taken to allow the laboratory to make your custom made braces (photo A)

Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Lingual braces, West London

At the second appointment, the brackets are sitting in a clear tray as shown below (photo B). Your teeth are cleaned and prepared to allow the tray to be inserted. The tray is removed once the brackets have been fitted and then the wire tied into the brackets (photo C). A smiling patient immediately after the lingual bond-up (photo D) with the ‘invisible’ braces.

  • Incognito brackets prior to bonding
  • Upper Lingual bond-up
  • Patient immediately after lingual bond-up

Why choose Dr Kyi for your Incognito Lingual Braces treatment?

Visit Dr Kyi, the leading London Incognito Braces Provider for expert care in the comfort of her West London or Harley Street office. She is passionate about delivering top orthodontic artistry, personalized care and incredible service to patients of all ages and lifestyles. Incognito™ Lingual Braces are composed of high-tech precision gold braces, Dr Kyi outfits them to custom fit inside each tooth. Contact Dr Kyi today for your Lingual Braces consultation.

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