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We are extremely pleased to announce that Dr Kyi has been awarded the Specialist Orthodontist of the Year 2020 by the Oral Health and Dentistry Awards.

Why Choose Clear Ceramic Clarity Braces?

Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi

Clear fixed braces are the least visible fixed braces that are fitted to the outside of the teeth. They are translucent, which allows the braces to blend in with the colour of your natural teeth and are less visible. They still work in the same way as a metal fixed brace to give the same fantastic results but a lot less noticeable.

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Specialist Orthodontist, Dr Kyi at West London Orthodontics

Why Choose Dr Kyi for Ceramic Clarity Clear Braces in London?

Dr. Kyi’s experience and expertise allows her to provide the option of clear fixed braces in almost every case. She has successfully provided this treatment in hundreds of cases to give her patients the smile they always dreamed of. The key to success is planning the case and fitting the braces correctly. Only Dr Kyi will carry out your orthodontic assessment and personally fit your braces. There are many types of clear ceramic braces available but Dr Kyi only uses Clarity Advanced Clear Braces by 3M which have been shown to have exceptional quality in addition to their clear appearance.

Benefits of Clarity ADVANCED Clear Braces

Virtually unnoticeable as translucent brackets are designed to blend in with the natural color of your teeth.

Easy to keep clean as you can see the brace on the outside, easily brush and floss your teeth with these brackets

Fixed in - so always working, no need to worry about having to remember to put them in and out

Full Orthodontic Consultations With Dr Kyi

Specialist Orthodontist, Dr Kyi of Harley Street, will personally plan your treatment in meticulous detail to ensure your final result gives you long-term stability and a balanced, harmonious facial profile.

Your Full Orthodontic Consultation with Dr Kyi will include:

Orthodontic Assessment:
To evaluate your teeth alignment, your bite (how your upper and lower teeth meet) and the overall health of your teeth and gums.
Full Smile
To assess your facial profile, including the position of your lips and chin in relation to your teeth.
5D iTero
To assess the health of your enamel, using the very latest technology and near-infrared imaging of your teeth.
Smile Simulation
To visualise possible treatment outcomes – at no obligation – before treatment even starts.

Listening to You! Dr Kyi will be delighted to answer any and every question you may have to truly understand your goals before determining which treatment, or combination of treatments, would be right for you and then creating a customised plan for your specific case and goals.


Will clear braces straighten my teeth effectively?

Yes they straighten your teeth to provide beautiful natural results. The case below shows a patient who wore upper and lower clear ceramic braces over 24 months to straighten her teeth.

Can children wear clear braces?

Yes, we often fit clear fixed braces on the upper teeth for children. Many children do not wish to have very visible braces and clear ceramic braces are the perfect treatment option.

I have an overbite – can I wear a lower clear brace?

Although clear ceramic braces can be fitted on the majority of cases, however in patients who have a ‘deep overbite’ we would not fit lower ceramic braces. An orthodontic assessment is required to determine the suitability for treatment.

How do you fit clear braces?

It takes one visit to fit the ceramic fixed braces. A -Your teeth are cleaned and then prepared by placing a clear liquid on the teeth, similar to painting your fingernails. B – The brackets are directly placed onto the teeth. C – The brackets are set with a light. D – The wire is then inserted along the brackets. The whole procedure takes around 20 minutes and you are able to continue with your normal routines immediately.

Does it hurt?

It generally takes 3-5 days to get used to Clarity braces fitted in our London office. During this time you may experience some discomfort similar to a mild dull ache which is well tolerated or relieved by mild painkillers. Your mouth may feel a little rubbing from the brackets and this can be relived using ‘wax’ which is provided to you free throughout treatment. Similar to conventional braces, during treatment there are types of food which you will now have to avoid to reduce the risk of the brace breaking, for e.g. crusty breads. We will thoroughly discuss with you the after-care advice and throughout your treatment our team are happy to answer any concerns at any time.

How much does it cost?

The cost of ceramic braces starts from £6,000 and depends on complexity of treatment. Please come and see us for an orthodontic assessment to obtain an accurate cost of treatment. The treatment fee includes all your appointments including retainers, any emergency appointments and all materials with no hidden extra costs. Our interest free credit will allow you to spread the payments over the course of your treatment.

How do I arrange a consultation?

Please call us 020 8222 8760 to arrange a consultation at your preferred location of either Central London at our Harley Street office or in West London at Hammersmith office.

Dr Chaw-Su Kyi - Specialist Orthodontist, West London

By Dr Chaw-Su Kyi

Dr Chaw-Su Kyi is a Specialist Orthodontist practising in West London. Recognized as a leader in Invisalign treatment , she specialises in advanced orthodontic treatment for adults and teens. She is on the editorial board of Clinical Dentistry and has been a featured expert in the The Independent, Huffington Post, and other publications.