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19 Mar 2014

How do braces effect my eating habits?

Submitted by admin on March 19, 2014

Can I still eat anything I like with Invisalign braces?

Invisalign braces are excellent as they are removable braces –you do not need to make any special adjustments to your diet or your tooth-brushing regimes. Invisalign braces are clear, transparent aligners and you remove them for eating and drinking. You can still enjoy crunching into an apple and eating nuts which you would no...


7 Mar 2014

With braces, do i need to come in for check ups often?

Submitted by admin on March 7, 2014

How often do I need to come for my appointments?

Usually you will attend every 6-8 weekly intervals throughout your orthodontic treatment. In some stages of your brace treatment, these appointments may be more frequent being 4-weekly, and other times can be of longer intervals of every 10-weeks. Damon braces which are self-ligating braces allow longer time intervals between ap...


3 Mar 2014

What if i play musical instruments?

Submitted by admin on March 3, 2014

Will braces effect my trumpet playing?

We have many patients who play a wide variety of musical instruments, some to a professional level. From our patient feedback, there has been no real problem to playing and hitting the right notes, but initially the brace may rub the lips or the cheeks. Orthodontic wax is a soft pliable material that you can place onto the brace...


28 Feb 2014

Best Orthodontic Practice

Submitted by admin on February 28, 2014

Private Dentistry Awards 2013



25 Feb 2014

Can i still use a electric toothbrush?

Submitted by admin on February 25, 2014

Can I still use my electric toothbrush with my fixed braces?

Yes, you most certainly can. We do recommend the use of an electric toothbrush. Whether it is a normal electric toothbrush or a sonicare brush – both are effective and will not damage the brace. ...


21 Feb 2014

Ceramic braces vs. metal braces?

Submitted by admin on February 21, 2014

Will clear ceramic braces work in the same way as normal metal braces?

The simple answer is Yes! We work with Clarity ceramic braces which are virtually transparent brackets. Ceramic Clarity braces have been shown to produce the same results as metal braces. The biggest advantage of ceramic braces are their appearance, being tooth-coloured, and therefore your brace treatment is very aesthetic. They...


13 Feb 2014

Can i wear braces again?

Submitted by admin on February 13, 2014

I wore braces as a teenager, I’m now in my thirties – can I still have brace treatment?

We have many patients who wore braces during their childhood and the teeth have moved back over time. The most important aspect is to assess the health of the teeth to see if they are healthy enough to have a second course of brace treatment. With modern brace techniques like Damon fixed braces, light forces are applied to the t...


5 Feb 2014

Is it too late to get braces?

Submitted by admin on February 5, 2014

I’m getting married at the end of this year, have I left it too late to get braces?

Many congratulations on your fantastic news! No, it’s not too late to achieve the wedding day smile. With the latest brace treatments of invisible lingual braces and Invisalign, even if you are still in treatment – your braces will not show at all on your wedding. We also have a number of patients wearing ceramic or Damon br...


7 Apr 2012

Can I come on my lunch hour?

Submitted by admin on April 7, 2012

Will I be able to get my orthodontic braces applied to my teeth on my lunch hour?

Yes absolutely! Having orthodontic braces fitted is quite a straightforward procedure. Your teeth are first polished, then a clear varnish applied onto the teeth. The fixed brace attachments called brackets are then placed onto the tooth surface. Finally a thin flexible wire is inserted onto the brackets. Following the actual br...


4 Apr 2012

What happens after treatment?

Submitted by admin on April 4, 2012

Will my teeth shift back to their original position after orthodontics treatment?

The most important stage of orthodontic treatment is wearing the retainers, often called the retention stage of orthodontic treatment. After your teeth have been straightened by removable or fixed braces, it takes time for the teeth to ‘settle-in’ into their new positions. The retention stage allows this settling. There are ...


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