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How To Get The Best Results With Clear Braces

Written by Dr. Chaw Su Kyi on November 18, 2019

In addition to promoting good dental health, taking care of your teeth can also improve your appearance and boost your confidence level. This is one of the reasons many adults opt for clear braces that allow them to correct imperfections and help them achieve the stunning smiles they’ve always wanted. Invisalign braces in London is one of the most effective ways to get the best dental results without disrupting your appearance. Below, Dr Chaw Su Kyi shares tips to help patients in London get the best results from their clear braces.

Different Types of Clear Braces

There are different types of clear braces you can choose from. These include ceramic and inside braces, as well as clear aligners. Ceramic or porcelain braces are not as strong as metal ones, but they are not as obvious either. Inside braces are placed in the back of your teeth, which hides them from view and still provides solid results.

Clear aligners in London like Invisalign are tailored for each patient’s individual needs and they fit over your teeth without showing any visible parts. There are no wires, brackets, or rubber bands. These aligners are becoming a popular choice because they’re more comfortable than traditional options.

How To Get The Best Results With Clear Braces

More patients in London who want to correct imperfections in their smiles and realign their teeth properly are starting to choose Invisalign over other treatments. To get the best results, you should always remember to:

Adhere to the Treatment
This may sound obvious, but many Invisalign patients fail to adhere to the treatment. Which, in turn, jeopardises the success of their clear braces. Keep in mind that Invisalign patients have to wear their clear braces for at least 22 hours per day and follow other instructions, so stick to your specialist’s recommendations to improve your chances of success.

Make Conscious Plans and Decisions
Depending on the type of London clear braces you choose, you may have to take them out to eat and clean them regularly. Instead of putting yourself in a situation where this will be difficult, it’s best if you plan ahead and make conscious decisions that align with your dental goals.

Clean Your Aligners Regularly and Avoid Staining
Whether you choose Invisalign or another form of clear braces in London, you need to keep them clean in order to maintain good performance. Invisalign requires regular cleaning and you may want to take additional steps to ensure your clear braces don’t get stained over time.

Keep Your Teeth Clean
In addition to your braces, you’ll also want to brush your teeth and floss regularly to remove any unwanted contaminants. This is especially important if you are using Invisalign, which may hold food leftovers against your teeth and cause them to stain if they are not cleaned properly.

Choosing a Reliable Orthodontist for Your Clear Braces

Opting for clear braces is a great way to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of. With this in mind, it’s also important to understand how this treatment works and do everything in your power to increase your odds of success.

Dr Kyi, a highly trained London orthodontist who has received numerous awards and recognition, understands the importance of improving the chances of a positive outcome. She has extensive experience conducting complex orthodontic procedures and specialises in rapid and invisible brace treatments.

To learn more about her orthodontic services, get in touch with Welcome Orthodontics in London and book an appointment today.

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