Protecting teeth from further damage with dazzling and durable dental fillings for cavity repair

Do you avoid your favourite sweet treats due to painful sensitivity? When your teeth come in contact with cold air or hot tea, do they suddenly hurt? Are new or unusual stains a concern? The preceding symptoms may be potential red flags for cavities. A cavity is damage that results from the tooth decay process. Our dental studios in West London ease pain and help you regain your oral health and an attractive appearance by repairing decayed teeth with fillings. 

The restorations placed by Dr Hannan Imran are made from only the finest and safest materials. In part, fillings at our studios support:

  • Natural aesthetics – The colour and other features of the material used to fill the cavity appear seamless, indistinguishable from the rest of the tooth and its neighbours.
  • Durable – Once fixed securely to the teeth, our fillings are firm and protect weakened tooth structures from future and potentially irreparable damage.
  • Tooth-preserving – A filling largely and conservatively preserves the utmost natural tissue, especially when compared to restorative alternatives such as a dental inlay, onlay, or crown.

Filling you in on cavity repair 

A filling is a dental material designed to fill the cavities or holes within the tooth’s surface. A cavity results from untreated dental decay. This common problem progressively breaks down the structure of the teeth and arises when food particles, bacteria, and plaque are not properly removed from the teeth. What starts as early-stage decay (erosion) can become a cavity. 

Not all materials are created equal

Many options are at dentists’ fingertips to restore a decayed tooth. These options include non-metals (like resins and ceramics) and metals (like gold). A “white” or “tooth-coloured” filling is typically formulated with a ceramic or composite material; the latter is a blend of plastic (resin) and glass ionomers or particles. We only uses the safest, BPA-free materials that replicate the strength and aesthetics of natural, healthy teeth. During a consultation, he looks forward to discussing the pros and cons of varied material options. That way, you are well informed about your treatment and have peace of mind that any decisions made will be in the best, sustained interests of your smile and overall health and well-being. 

A hassle-free process

We starts the process by initially ensuring any decayed tissues are removed. This step allows us to give your tooth a “fresh start.” We also sterilise and reshape the tooth as needed. Information is collected to assist in fabricating the new restoration. Once fillings are ready, they are added and fixed securely to the prepared teeth. Depending on the type of material that is used, the filling can be applied in layers. For instance, composites are pliable and may be shaped to build up the deteriorated tissue. As the material is applied, it is hardened with a specialised curing light. 

Keep smiling for life

Treated teeth can be maintained like natural teeth – with diligent home care. Also, maintain recall visits to our dental studios in West London. We assures fillings and other restorations are in good condition. He also proactively identifies and intervenes with problems before they produce noticeable changes in the appearance and “feel” of your teeth and gums. These assessments would not be complete without a hygienist painlessly and thoroughly removing what cannot be removed with your toothbrush – stubbornly resistant, hardened dental plaque (“calculus” or “tartar”). To start the process today, Call us at 020 8129 6868. Your health, comfort, and a proud smile await!