Distinctive general dentistry:

Comprehensive services meet state-of-the-art approaches

Throughout her distinguished career, our orthodontist, Dr Chaw-Su Kyi, partnered with dental professionals across disciplines. Dr Kyi surrounds herself with only the most talented people. Dr Hannan Imran is distinguished by his considerable passion for and expertise in general and cosmetic dentistry. As its name suggests, “general” dentistry is not any one service or category of treatment or procedures. Instead, it represents an array of capabilities to maintain, restore, and sustain oral health. 

Comprehensive care

Due to the breadth of services available at our West London dental studios, we can treat children, adults, and seniors alike. Paediatric patients don’t “age out” of our practice. Likewise, as additional needs and health challenges present themselves, we have the services in-house to support even some of the most complex rehabilitative and cosmetic cases. So, patients continue to benefit from the expertise of the team that they know and trust as their needs evolve. While care is highly tailored, all patients can benefit from proactive, preventative services. 

Proactive care

Recall appointments and oral health assessments are foundational to protecting the teeth, gums, and other structures. These visits are generally scheduled two times per year. During these sessions, we evaluate the state and condition of the teeth and their supporting tissues. Our hygienists also use their skills to gently yet thoroughly remove disease-causing substances (such as stubborn plaque build-up) from the teeth. 

These measures do two important things that cannot be replicated with good home care alone: 

  • Detect subtle, hidden, or early-stage problems before they cause damage
  • Minimise the risk factors for developing dental decay, gum disease, and other oral damage

Of course, we also recommend cleaning techniques and products specific to your needs and situation. Home and professional care is essential. You cannot have oral health without consistent good hygiene at home and ongoing professional visits and services. 

Elevating the standard of care

Under the general dentistry umbrella, we also offer a range of cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures. However, proactive care minimises the need to restore or beautify teeth and gums due to damage. So, we always like to prioritise staying ahead of problems rather than playing catch-up with treatments after damage has occurred. 

Our services stand out because patients benefit from extensive experience, advanced knowledge, and an unwavering commitment to quality care. For instance, We use BPA-free composites, metal-free e.max® crowns, and super-thin ceramic veneers to craft the safest, most natural-looking, and durable dental restorations. Likewise, you would be hard-pressed to find a more qualified orthodontist for assessments and the latest advancements in orthodontics in West London than Dr Kyi.

Our dental studios offer more than general dentistry services. Find out what sets us apart by calling 020 8129 6868.