Trust the expertise of a specialist: There is no substitute for orthodontist-approved treatment options

There is no substitute for the expertise of a specialist like Dr Chaw-Su Kyi. As an orthodontist, Dr Kyi has acquired advanced training and clinical experience beyond dental school in assessing and treating misaligned teeth and bite imbalances. Additionally, our patients in West London benefit from Dr Kyi’s ongoing education on the latest orthodontic advances and investments in sophisticated technologies to support accurate diagnostics and effective treatment options. Both children and adults can benefit from our range of therapies and extensive focused knowledge in this highly specialised branch of dentistry.

Trust our diagnoses

Dr Kyi takes a proactive and early intervention approach whenever possible. Primarily, orthodontic assessments are recommended before all of the baby or primary teeth have fallen out, usually starting at the eight-year mark. This way, Dr Kyi can assess how the teeth and other oral structures are developing. Her assessments are in-depth. They include evaluating how teeth are aligned and how the opposing upper and lower teeth come together when the mouth is closed. This is known as the “bite.” She’ll also assess the position of the lips and chin in relation to teeth (facial profile), as well as other anatomical features that contribute to healthy function and an attractive appearance. 

Dr Kyi gets a little help in this endeavour from cutting-edge technologies; for instance, a small handheld iTero™ scanner significantly impacts treatment planning. This scanner supports an accurate understanding of oral anatomy and planning that gets optimal results. 

A world of treatment options in West London

Specialists like Dr Kyi generally stay on top of the latest advancements in therapies and orthodontic appliances. So, our dental studios are well-equipped to provide an array of potential methods to correct everything from modest cosmetic cases to more extensive overbite, underbite, and related imbalances. These options include the aptly-named Incognito™ braces. True to their name, these braces are discreet because they are attached to the inside surfaces of the teeth. Based on traditional straightening principles, such lingual bracesstep the treatment experience up a notch by presenting a discreet solution to beautify and improve the smile’s health. 

Additionally, as a parent or patient, you can trust Dr Kyi’s expertise in braces alternatives like Invisalign®. These are the clear aligners or oral appliances you may have seen on TV. They are customised to fit each patient’s one-of-a-kind mouth. They can be removed to support comfortable and enjoyable eating and good oral hygiene (brushing and flossing) throughout treatment. When worn as directed by Dr Kyi, these aligners gradually reposition the teeth. Dr Kyi is also skilled at understanding the nuances between Invisalign® treatment for pediatric patients versus adults. 

Whether you are seeking out a stand-out specialist for your child or yourself, know that you can trust the safety and effectiveness of solutions available at the dental studios of Dr Chaw-Su Kyi. And, whether benefiting from “traditional” braces or alternatives such as lingual braces and aligners, she partners with all patients to ensure their treatment experience is as comfortable and hassle-free as possible. Call 020 8129 6868 to find out more and to schedule an orthodontic assessment today.