Supporting oral health that spans the generations

As a mum, our orthodontist, Dr Chaw-Su Kyi, knows how she would want her children and other family members to be treated by different dentists and health care providers. With this appreciation, Dr Kyi has taken great care to ensure families feel welcome and are treated with the same level of care, patience, and dedication that her family members deserve. 

Dr Kyi is joined in this mission by Dr Hannan Imran. Dr Imran applies his passion for staying ahead of the latest advancements in dentistry to rebuild the health, function, and appearance of the teeth and smile. Nothing is more rewarding for us than having patients at our West London dental studios trust us so much that they refer their family members and friends to us. 

A tooth-friendly routine for the whole family

It is recommended that individuals of all ages receive oral health assessments twice a year, every six months. Routine assessments serve as a solid foundation for preventative dentistry, which is the best “medicine.” We examines the teeth and gums to detect early signs of conditions like periodontal/gum disease. Often, early gingival inflammation doesn’t produce symptoms. You can have oral health problems even if your gums don’t bleed when you brush them, and your teeth feel and look perfectly fine. We has the expertise to identify subtle changes that can result in extensive damage (even tooth loss) without treatment. Likewise, Dr Kyi conducts extensive orthodontic assessments, which drive early interventions. For what cannot be seen or to gain more insights into potential problems, advanced diagnostics support accurate diagnoses and inform potential treatments.

A qualified in-house hygienist is also specially trained and equipped with the specialised tools to lift those disease-causing substances that do not budge even with optimal at-home hygiene. Our hygienists effectively, safely, and gently remove notoriously stubborn plaque build-up. By minimising the threat of plaque, we also minimise the process that leads to the erosion of the teeth and the inflammation of the gums that anchor those teeth.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team also views these visits as opportunities to assess your home care and discuss techniques to properly clean teeth, gums, and oral appliances as necessary. Simple adjustments in brushing or flossing can make a big difference in oral health. We also stay on top of any changes to your overall health. Many medical conditions can present with mouth-related symptoms or challenges to good oral health; for instance, the elevated blood sugar levels and depressed salivary flow associated with diabetes increase your risk of developing oral infections. We also routinely screen for lumps, bumps, or other anomalies that warrant further investigation and interventions.

From cradle to golden years 

Over time, you may develop the conditions listed above or others that can cause oral health-related challenges. Likewise, our youngest patients are at heightened risk of early tooth decay and dental disease due to overconsumption of “hidden” sugars like fruit juices. “Baby bottle decay” describes the damage that occurs when infants are put to bed with bottles full of sugary beverages.

By treating grandparents and grandchildren alike, we also see potential patterns associated with a family’s genetic predisposition to gum disease and other conditions. Genetics is implicated in around half of all cases of periodontal disease. Knowing this, our friendly and skilled team may intervene early and often with proactive treatments like sealants.

We look forward to seeing you (or your child or parent) at your next check-up/assessment. Call our studios in West London at 020 8129 6868 today.