When the loss of a tooth with painless, predictable dental extraction is actually a gain … for your health!

Our neighbours in West London benefit from new teeth designed to look, feel, and function no differently than healthy natural teeth. But, as great as today’s restorations and tooth replacement options may be, a healthy natural tooth still reigns over advanced prosthetic teeth. For this reason, our team, led by Dr Chaw-Su Kyi and Dr Hannan Imran, partners closely with you and your family to prevent the need for restorations or tooth replacement. If teeth cannot be “saved” with root canal therapy or other interventions, it may be necessary to remove them – and we do so in the most gentle and precise ways possible. 

When an extraction is in your future

Extractions are typically considered a “last resort” procedure; however, this process may be the only way to ease pain, restore oral health, and regain comfortable function. Not all badly decayed or severely damaged teeth may be candidates for nonsurgical root canal treatment. Likewise, removing the damaged tooth may be your only option if the root canal treatment and other surgical endodontic treatments fail. Additionally, impacted wisdom teeth may need to be removed, too. 

The trouble with wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last molars to develop at the back corners of our mouths. By the time they surface through our gums (in our teens and young adulthood), the rest of the teeth and oral structures are already well-developed. So, these molars do not have adequate space to erupt correctly. They may become “impacted” or trapped underneath the gums. Teeth may be wholly or partly impacted. As they push up against the soft tissues, patients may experience intense pressure and discomfort. These teeth can also damage neighbouring teeth and structures.

A gentle experience

Today’s professionals like Drs Kyi and Imran have many advanced techniques, products, and approaches to ensure comfort before, during, and after dental procedures. Our team is happy to discuss things like anaesthetic and sedative options with you before treatment. Rest assured, extractions are a common, relatively straightforward process. If the tooth is intact and visible above the gum line, a “simple” extraction may be performed. The tooth is grasped, loosened, and lifted from its socket. 

A surgical extraction involves accessing a broken, impacted, or otherwise inaccessible tooth through small openings. Thanks to our techniques and medications, you may only feel a slight pressure as the tooth is removed. We employ considerable precision and a gentle hand to facilitate the most pleasant dental experience possible. Precision planning with sophisticated diagnostics beforehand supports a predictable treatment process. 

We encourage you to contact us before pain arises. Even a badly infected tooth can be saved. Additionally, regularly monitoring the development of teeth results in early detection and intervention that prevents symptoms such as debilitating pain associated with impacted molars. Contact our dental studios in West London today on 020 8129 6868 to schedule your assessment.