Benefit from discreet Clarity™ ceramic braces; the comfort and convenience of the innovative Damon™ System

As an orthodontist, Dr Chaw-Su Kyi has the advanced training and onsite capabilities to offer many treatment options beyond “traditional” fixed braces. Dr Kyi may recommend Clarity™ Advanced Ceramic Braces or the Damon™ System, another “twist” on conventional braces from her dental studios in West London. 

Clarity™: A clear choice for you or your child?

Clarity™ braces by 3M™ are the only type of clear ceramic braces that Dr Kyi trusts, and her patients deserve the absolute best! These braces are virtually undetectable in the smile. Their translucent brackets are designed to blend in seamlessly when you smile. Since the brace is easier to see with clear brackets, they are also easier to clean throughout treatment. 

Clarity™ braces are discreet and effective. If Dr Kyi determines this treatment is appropriate, it will only take one visit to fit the braces. Teeth are cleaned and “prepared” with a clear liquid to ensure a strong bond. The brackets are then set with a curing light. Once set, the wire is inserted along the clear brackets. The process only takes about 20 minutes. There is no downtime, though we will discuss ways to adjust to your new braces before the appointment. It is not unusual to feel a mild, dull ache. The brackets may rub up against tissues. These concerns can be relieved with mild painkillers and a complimentary “wax” product. 

Next-generation braces are here with the Damon™ System

Dr Kyi may discuss and explore the Damon™ System during a full orthodontic consultation. This type of brace represents one of the most incredible technological advancements in orthodontics: self-ligating braces

This approach allows the teeth to move “freely.” Unlike conventional non-removable braces, self-ligating systems hold the wire in place without needing elastic. The wire moves effortlessly from the outset. This allows your teeth to be repositioned slightly faster, with fewer orthodontic visits and greater comfort. Shortening the treatment with minimal disruption to your schedule may be possible – as there are longer periods between office visits. Since the wire is continually working, Dr Kyi generally only sees patients every 10 to 12 weeks instead of every six to eight weeks. 

Most every orthodontic case is suitable for the Damon™ braces treatment. In fact, Dr Kyi has successfully treated hundreds of cases this way. Her patients also appreciate that it is easier to clean these smaller brackets without elastics getting in the way. 

As with the Clarity™ system, our teams will review after-care considerations for Damon™ treatment, including foods to avoid due to the risk of breakage. Call 020 8129 6868 with questions or to request a full orthodontic consultation at one of our two dental studios in West London today.