A guide to Invisalign® treatment options for children, teens, and adults

As an orthodontist, Dr Chaw-Su Kyi understands that not all Invisalign® treatments are identical. In fact, there are considerable nuances depending on factors such as the patient’s age. Dr Kyi has the advanced training and experience to offer Invisalign® as a brace alternative for children as young as seven! Our dental studios in West London are excited to provide you with a glimpse into this versatile orthodontic option. In addition to this, Dr Kyi is an Invisalign Clinical Speaker and teaching  fellow Orthodontists as well. 

Invisible aligners for the entire family 

Invisalign® is among a category of orthodontic treatments known as “aligner therapy.” The aligners are customised to fit the unique contours of each patient’s mouth. They are made from flexible, smooth, and transparent plastic. They can also be removed before eating, brushing, and flossing. These features are designed to support a discreet, comfortable, and hassle-free treatment experience. They are also designed to reposition the teeth effectively. When worn as instructed, each aligner places consistent force on the teeth. It is this pressure that moves the teeth into their proper placements.

Depending on your age, specific needs, and the results from Dr Kyi’s in-depth orthodontic evaluation, you or a family member may benefit from: 

  • Invisalign First™
  • Invisalign® Teen
  • Invisalign®

Invisalign First™

This treatment is designed for pediatric patients aged between seven and ten years. Dr Kyi encourages early intervention as persistent habits such as thumb-sucking can result in narrow dental arches and affect the positioning of children’s teeth. In turn, orthodontic appliances like Invisalign First™ aligners can improve the size of the arch, guide permanent teeth into proper positions, reduce the risk of tooth decay, enhance biting and chewing function, and overall boost self-image and confidence! 

The aligners are made from a SmartTrack™ material that conforms smoothly and comfortably to your child’s mouth. So, compliance should be a breeze. They’re also easy for young children to remove. If your child loses or breaks one of the aligners, it can be easily replaced. Or, the old aligner can be worn safely to ensure treatment remains on track. Each aligner is typically worn for one week and should be worn for at least 20 hours daily. Early treatment with Invisalign First™ requires a fraction of the time associated with traditional braces and can usually be completed in around six to 12 months. A retainer must be worn afterwards to prevent “relapse” and preserve results into adulthood.

Invisalign® Teen

Our older pediatric patients appreciate how these clear appliances don’t stick out in their smiles like conventional silver-coloured metal braces. They also like that treatment doesn’t interfere with their busy and active lifestyles. Since the aligners are lightweight and removable, they don’t disrupt day-to-day life. Our patients continue to enjoy their favourite foods and sports, and even playing brass or wind instruments in the band isn’t a challenge due to the design of the aligners. It only takes one to two days for teens to adjust to life with their aligners. Patients can achieve their desired smile in 6-15 months with good compliance.

Invisalign® for the “experienced” patient

You are never “too old” to get the attractive smile you deserve. More adults than ever before are benefiting from orthodontic treatment. Invisalign® may be appropriate for patients new to orthodontics and those whose treated teeth may have shifted over time. Here again, it is essential to wear the aligners in the correct order and only to take them out when cleaning the teeth and eating meals. Our adult patients appreciate that their boss, colleagues, and friends don’t see the aligners when they smile or during a Zoom call. They, too, like how well it fits into their lifestyle as a busy and active parent, caregiver or professional. More “mild” cosmetic cases can be treated in as few as six months, whereas more extensive “bite’ problems can be corrected in around 15 months. 

Getting a healthy smile that exudes confidence has never been easier. Call our dental studios in West London today on 020 8129 6868 to schedule an orthodontic assessment with Dr Kyi.