iTero Scanner – Advanced Dental Scanning

Dr Kyi is proud to introduce iTero intraoral scanners, a realistic, innovative visual tool used in over 17.4 million scans. The iTero Element intraoral scanner delivers animated results and extreme precision 3x faster than traditional methods. By using both optical and laser scanning, iTero scans are beneficial in predicting the outcome of dental procedures that deal with bridges, custom implants, restorative crowns and Invisalign.

Dr. Kyi works closely with each of her patients

As an award-winning London orthodontist, Dr Kyi always uses the latest technologies to ensure the best results for her patients. The iTero scanning system is frequently used at Dr Kyi’s West London and Harley street orthodontic practices.

iTero System for Advanced Dental Scanning

iTero Element intraoral scanner is intuitively designed to scan your teeth accurately without any discomfort. The high-precision scanning has a capture time of 40-50 milliseconds enabling the iTero scanner to capture 20 scans per second. This means it only takes 1 minute to complete a full arch scan. The integrated colour sensor allows for a precise clinical evaluation of gingival and tooth structures and the dual-aperture lens enables simultaneous capturing of 2D colour images and 3D laser scanning.

By using iTero scanning in her Harley Street clinic, award-winning London orthodontist offers patients the most comfortable and reliable digital impression.

Benefits of iTero Harley Street System

iTero will get an accurate impression of your teeth, track the progression of your treatment and visualize the predicted outcome, as well as offer the following benefits:

  • Get an accurate simulation of the expected results
  • Plan your treatment and track your results
  • Very accurate – High-Definition Visuals in 2D and 3D
  • Fast scan – captures 6,000 frames per second
  • Comfortable – No goop. No gagging
  • Replaces the need for gummy impressions

Invisalign iTero London

When you are considering Invisalign clear braces, the Invisalign iTero Scan can show your new smile before your treatment even starts. iTero scan is developed to work with the Invisalign system. Dr Kyi will scan your teeth in just a few minutes. The high precision scan will create an interactive, high-resolution 3D image of your teeth. As the iTero scan is more accurate than physical goopy impressions, a better aligner fit can be assured and fewer redos will be necessary. The exclusive Invisalign Outcome Simulator will show your new smile so you may have a better expectation of your Invisalign treatment. By using Invisalign iTero London every appointment with Dr Kyi in her Harley Street office, you can track your progress accurately.

Orthodontic Assessment Harley Street London

Are you looking for an advanced orthodontic assessment in Harley Street London? Do you want to start with Invisalign braces? Do you want to see the expected results in an Invisalign iTero London consult? Your teeth are in the best hands with our highly-trained, award-winning specialist Dr Chaw-Su Kyi. Call Us on 020 8129 6868 or book your appointment online.